Saturday, November 25, 2006

krispy kreme, baby!

so there we were last night, walking around serendra looking for a place to eat (earlier, we were looking for a place to park, but the guard wouldn't even let us into the basement parking because all 185 slots were filled up. a hundred eighty fucking five! for what—about 60 establishments, and not even half are open yet! but that's another post...). so there we were and we bumped into several friends in the plaza, and we were chit-chatting, complaining about the parking, comparing notes about the restaurants, then there they were: three young men in krispy kreme uniforms, each guy carrying two plastic bags, each bag containing six boxes of krispy kreme doughnuts, and each box containing a dozen original glazeds... as they walked by, we couldn't help but call out, "hey, it's the krispy kreme boys!" they turned to look, approached our group, and asked, "ma'am, do you want some krispy kreme?" hell, yeah! so he takes out one box and hands it to us. one whole box for us? "yes, ma'am." wow, we were expecting a couple of doughnuts, but he gave us a full dozen! so of course our friends were all, i want some of that! and the three krispy kreme boys gave each of us (and there were six of us) a box. as we called out our thanks, they were gone, and we couldn't help but wonder, was all this just a dream? (nope, because we just had two for breakfast this morning.) and as we walked through serendra with our box of krispy kremes, people stared at us, like we were celebrities or something, asking us, where did you get that??? well, folks, the wait will soon be over. november 30 is opening day! get ready to queue up, not just to get your krispy kreme fresh hot now, but the first customer on that day will win a one-year supply of original glazed doughnuts! (not to mention an extra 50 pounds of weight by the end of next year.) the first 500 get a free limited-edition krispy kreme T-shirt plus the chance to win lots of raffle prizes (free doughnuts for six, three, and one month/s). look for the neon sign at city center, bonifacio global city, taguig (behind serendra). second branch opens at SM megamall next month! (photo credit: our awesome planet)


Karen said...

Wow, gone are the days when you asked Krispy Kreme as pasalubong from America, and some folks actually hand-carried them home!

Very dream-like Krispy Kreme "apparition," ha. Sana my apparition is a guy handing out first class tickets (o sige, pwede na business class) to an international destination of our choice…

Also remembered the first time I had Krispy Kreme. When I ordered a glazed and a hot chocolate, the hot Latin mama who took my order made an "eww, you freak" face at me. Jenny Martinez explained that it was because I ordered "sweet" with "sweet"

So, how does thefashpack take its Krispy Kreme?

Aaron Ofngol said...

I feel so left out, some of my friends have already had Krispy Kremes given out to their offices, or they just got KKs somewhere even if it's not yet open because of all those free stuff they give away to create some pre-launching buzz, and then I saw on TV the other day something like a press launch of KK with celebs. Darn, I wish I also had a Krispy Kreme "miracle" like you guys, but since I'm not one of the lucky ones who's able to get KKs pre-opening, I'd have to brave the lines at KK tomorrow.

P.S. Krispy Kreme's location has been renamed from City Center to "Bonifacio High Street", which also has the same launching day as KK. It will be somewhat an extension of Serendra... looking forward to seeing the stores opening there.

More power to the fash pack!!! =)

...and good luck to all those who will be queuing for KK donuts. hehe

wysgal said...

At P30 each ... I might just try KK once and stick to good old home-grown Gonuts. =)