Friday, November 10, 2006

new fashion haunt: magazzini

something happened in the four weeks we didn't step into the mall. well, glorietta actually, because we did go to mall of asia for a couple of new store openings. but this is what we didn't notice. this opened. a week ago. a new store called magazzini, which, according to our trusty web translator, does not mean magazine in italian; it means warehouses. which should give you an idea of the kind of merchandise inside. sure, it has all the fancy italian labels posted outside...

but don't get too excited. because we did. and we were disappointed. we took one round around the store, and we didn't even bother to check out the labels, because everything looked cheap and seasons old. (eyelet? boho skirts?? sequined jeans???) warehouse nga eh whaddaya expect?

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ruby gan said...

hay! so true! it had nothing interesting inside! i thought it would be better than the prima linea trash...but apparently, they're the same. and managed by the same Terry from the Linea Italia days pa! grabe! i wonder if mr siasat is even aware of the things they sell inside... tsk! tsk!