Monday, December 11, 2006

another beauty discovery

we've been hearing about rustan's plans to transform their top floor into some kind of beauty destination with spas, a beauty salon, and a medical clinic for years now. well, that plan has finally seen the light of day, and it's called heaven on the fifth. it's been a while since we last visited rustan's fifth floor. it must have been a couple months ago when we went looking for the clarins institut, which used to be on the same floor as U, which is now debenhams. we were told it moved to the fifth floor, only to be disappointed that it was still being built. now it's open, and so are many other establishments for your beauty, health, and wellness (and sanity?) needs. not to mention, a few places for your hubby to hang out in while he waits for you to finish your facial. or your nose job. whatever. book your appointment now at:

while the rest of your famille can kill time waiting for you here:

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Anonymous said...

one wonders if rustans can ever be the great department store it once was. they can try all they want, but i doubt it'll work. it's hard enough to get people to visit that sorry department store, sa 5th floor pa kaya?

i miss the old rustans, sana they bring back marilou pineda to run things.