Saturday, December 02, 2006

another korean invasion

a couple weeks ago a new beauty brand from korea launched its first freestanding shop in manila at SM megamall B. it's called skin food. it has cute packaging, a cross between l'occitane and, and the concept is a "beautiful banquet for your skin"—the products are all based on food. we got to try some of them, like the rice mask (their best-selling product), fresh lime salt body wash (it's like having a tequila in the shower), coffee body scrub (we could always use the ground beans from our espresso machine, but where's the fun in that?), and lime secret shine base (which you apply before foundation and it really gave our skin a gorgeous glow). there's a big trend in asia now for korean skin-care brands, so let's see how skin food fares against the face shop, one of the top skin-care brands in korea today, which opened its first branch in manila last july. in the meantime, enjoy this buffet:

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Ruby Gan said...

hey! this is so far the best Korean beauty brand that I've tried! I can't complain, seriously! The Water-In Pear Cream and Essense are fabulous and so are the Black Sugar Face Scrub and the Fresh Celery Soft Foam! Love, love them!!!