Saturday, December 16, 2006

sa ilalim ng cogon

do yourself a favor and watch a local indie film. (para ma-iba naman...) check out "sa ilalim ng cogon," starring yul servo and julia clarete, directed by rico maria ilarde. it'll be showing at robinsons galleria cinemas till dec 24. check out the trailer here. a little background info:

SA ILALIM NG COGON is a genre-bending, action-horror-mystery-love story that tells the story of Sam (YUL SERVO), a former soldier who gets himself embroiled in a heist gone horribly wrong. While escaping with the loot, he hides inside a lonely mansion standing amidst a sea of tall cogon grass, and then begins to witness an accumulation of odd details:a collection of creepy photographs; a mysterious, waifish beauty named Katia (JULIA CLARETE) who swims naked in the mansion’s leaf-choked pool; lastly, a trail of blood that leads to the ominous jungle of grasses that surrounds the house. Sam then begins a torrid and passionate—though ill-advised—affair with Katia. Unbeknownst to Sam, he has taken the first, dangerous step to unlocking the mansion's deep mystery and its former inhabitants' dark and disturbing secrets. Winner of Best International Feature at last year’s Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre Fantasy Film Festival in Argentina and lauded in several other international festivals, SA ILALIM NG COGON has been hailed by internationally renowned critics as a genre-defying and groundbreaking work. The film opens DECEMBER 13, 2006, Wednesday exclusively at Robinsons Galleria Indiesine Cinema 8. Tickets are at P100. It is presented in conjunction with the Independent Filmmakers Cooperative (IFC). COGON is directed by Rico Maria Ilarde and produced by Mammu Chua and US-based producer Roger Garcia. Cinematography is by Louie Quirino, production design by Fritz Silorio, music by Malek Lopez, and editing by Ron Dale. some comments:

“Julia Clarete is…the Lolita Rodriguez of her generation.” Erwin Romulo, THE PHILIPPINE STAR

“Yul Servo’s hapless Sam…is a compelling performance.” Noel Vera, BUSINESSWORLD

"Ilarde (is the) true heir…from Ulmer to Corman, from Michael Reeves to Eddie Romero.” Sergio Grmek Germani, CRITIC/FILM SCHOLAR, ITALY

“(Cogon is) a breath of fresh air in a horror scene gone stale. A genre hopping trip into the unexpected.” Pete Tombs, AUTHOR, MONDO MACABRO, UK

“(Sa Ilalim ng Cogon is) dreamlike in tone…We are then turned this way and that as the film blends thriller, horror and love story.” FIRECRACKER MAGAZINE, LONDON

“Sa Ilalim ng Cogon is a movie of suggestions and undertones, half-forgotten memories and startling discoveries.” Jessica Zafra, UDINE FAR EAST FILM FESTIVAL PROGRAM, 2006

"Every frame of Cogon transpires Ilarde's love for horror cinema.” Mike Hostench, DEPUTY DIRECTOR, SITGES FANTASTIC FILM FESTIVAL OF CATALUNYA, SPAIN

“Sa Ilalim ng Cogon is part Roger Corman, part Lucio Fulci, part Gerardo de Leon, and in that it’s unique and strikingly original.” Olaf Moller, SENSESOFCINEMA.COM

“Genre, or the concept of genre, is one of the elements that makes Philippine director Rico Maria Ilarde’s Beneath the Cogon so intriguing—i.e., what the devil is it? Call it Philippine magical-realist noir…” Chris Chang, FILM COMMENT MAGAZINE

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