Tuesday, December 05, 2006

today's beauty discoveries

1. about a month ago, we were surprised to see H salon in rustan's makati boarded up, with a sign that said it transfered to the cinema level of glorietta 4. "mother" henri calayag's salon finally opened about two weeks ago and we're not too sure if it's the right location. inside rustan's ladies' floor seemed perfect because henri has a loyal clientele who will go ANYWHERE just to have him cut their hair or make up their faces. we think rustan's benefitted from having H there because the women who go to henri are rich and stylish, and rich + stylish = exactly what rustan's wants in their store. now these women will just take the outside escalator straight into H without having to walk through rustan's. but although the interiors of the new H are sleek and chic with a modern black-and-white palette, we're not sure we want to be sitting there with a towel wrapped around our wet head in complete view of the diners at wendy's right across...
reception area
cut & color counter
mani-pedi section

2. we sure were lucky we bumped into patrick rosas today because he was launching his very own cosmetics collection! produced by a group of women who call their company G-lish, they partnered with the most in-demand (and the most expensive, we hear) makeup artist in the country to produce a makeup brand called, what else, patrick rosas. the three-piece collection (eyeshadow, blush, and lipgloss, each available in three shades) and counter launched today in essenses, rustan's makati, and tomorrow at essenses, rustan's tower in shangri-la plaza. we heard that the cosmetics are produced by the same company who produces makeup for tarte and smashbox, so this stuff must be good. by next year, patrick hopes to come out with powders, mascara, lipstick, and an eyelash curler. well, we love the colors! check them out... don't you love the logo? it looks like it was drawn with lipstick. it was designed with the help of designer james reyes. and the gal made of paper cutouts was designed by inno sotto. lucky patrick, he's got creative friends in high places!

3. and here's something for fans of kwon sang woo: he's coming to manila! the korean superstar, who happens to be the face shop's face, is coming over to meet-and-greet his fans, and if you buy stuff from the face shop, you get the chance to see, meet, touch, get an autograph from, take a picture of, and who knows, maybe even get a kiss from cholo himself. the mechanics: minimum purchase of P1,500 in a single receipt=1 regular pass (access to the regular area). minimum purchase of P3,000 in a single receipt= 1 premiere pass (access to the premiere area plus your chance to meet and greet kwon sang woo up close, woo-hoo!) (we added the woo-hoo.) go now because the promo ends on december 18, the day he makes his appearance at the glorietta activity center at 6pm!

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Anonymous said...

how much is it to get a haircut in H salon? and how much it it to get a haircut by henri calayag himself?