Sunday, December 24, 2006

top fashion trends of 2006: vote now!

as we approach the end of the year, we've been making a list—unfortunately, not our christmas shopping list, which means all your gifts will arrive AFTER christmas—of the top 10 fashion trends of 2006. as we did in 2005, the list will be posted on december 31. but this time, we want YOU, dear reader, to put your two cents in. whether you loved it or hated it, whether you think it was the best or the worst, click on comments and tell us and the rest of the world, what you think are the top fashion trends of 2006. vote now!


Anonymous said...

Soozy Hopper!!!!

Ruby Gan said...

oohh..! i love the -

1. stack heeled platforms;
2. the mini dresses that can go with leggings;
3. the leggings;
4. the skinny pants!

Anonymous said...

Cinched waists (tho not for everyone), platform heels (not the hooker type heels) and the bubble. Best or worst? I think both. Those who can't wear it properly--worst. Those who can--best. :)

Anonymous said...

Fashion and bag blogs!! Thanks fashpack and yuletide's best to you!

Queen Aycs said...

-walang kamatayang STRIPES!
-skulls-still like it but i don't know for how much longer
-bubble skirts/dresses etc-HATE HATE HATE!
- leggings- I liked it AT FIRST until everyone and their mommas started wearing it and then it just started looking baduy and you can't pay me to wear it anymore now.
wide headbands-cute but doesn't suit everyone. I for one can't wear the wide ones, my face looks weird.
slim jeans- i actually like them except they only look good on girls whos body shapes are like pre pubescent boys-in other words if you have an ass and hips don't even think about it i think that kind of sucks.
ankle boots-another HATE so unflattering unless your stick thin and as tall as a tree!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... There's a lot:

* Big bags from Stams to Speedys to Birkins to B Bags and Spy Bags, even Motorcycles. I lvoe 'em all!

* From the Christian Louboutin stacked heels platforms to the designer copies over at Celine and Charles and Keith down to the really gaudy faux Christian Louboutins in tianges, I love 'em all!

* Skinny jeans - Tsubi!!!

* Black tights/stockings with little black/white/whatever dresses. Nice!

* Cocktail rings, serious blings, Daphne Oseña-Paes' necklaces... time to shine in vintage gold

* Gowns and dresses and anything girly and flirty and Baroque!

* Fashion blogs, bag blogs, models' blogs... everyone was blogging in 2006

amelie said...

hmm, i may not be "involved' with fashion, but here are the things I noticed (and liked) this year:

- leggings/tights
- bangs
- the apple laptop (I know, it's a computer, but it's just so fashionable)
- fashion blogs just like this one

W.D.I.K. said...

Who allowed the 80s to come back? As in full-fledged? A few things I thought I'd never see again? (At least I haven't seen stirrup pants—yet)

• Super skinny jeans
• Super skinny jeans worn with pumps
• Super daisy-duke shorts worn with pumps
• Pumps (after years of slides, mules, thongs, open-toe shoes)
• These 80s-style, one-piece dresses with polka-dot and stripe prints
• These flared, kinda drop-waist skirts (I'm sure thefashpack knows what they're called!)

Other notes…
• Headbands are back
• Ankle boots (I don't like the looks of these either)
• Leggings: the tiered skirt, prairie blouse of 2006 AKA the trend that ate the entire country
• Crocs. Very comfy, yes. Not pretty, yes. Do I have a pair, yes. Have I worn them in public? ONCE. I'm still working up my chutzpah.

anna said...

leggings, skinny jeans, platforms

ankle boots

Anonymous said...

Likes: YSL Modern time Pumps, skinny jeans, little black dress, Tory Burch Reva Flats, Chanel 2.55 bag, Christian Louboutin wedges and high heels. Lotsa blingtastic and Goyard bag.

Dislike: None

izzy said...

1. Leggings leggings everywhere! cool in black with minis, but tacky tacky in lace!
2. Most worn accessories: big bug shades, bunch of chain necklaces, headband & headscarf.
3. Shorty shorts: but please! only if you have nice legs! (& no cellulite)
4. Shoes: platforms, wedgies, havaianas, & those ugly Crocs!
5. Hair: bangs, digiperm, long wavy hair.

Gigi said...

I don't normally believe in fashion "rules" but this year the one that kept crossing my mind was "If you're old enough to have worn it the first time it came around -- don't." Yep, I'm talking about leggings and skinny jeans primarily. The whole '80s thing was tricky for anyone over 30.

I liked the volume trend overall -- and I suppose many others did, too, since it's back for Spring. Loved the cropped jackets and wedge shoes/boots (Manolo pronounced it a "don't" but it's the only way I can walk in heels). I was very happy about the empire and A-line tops (didn't have to suck in my gut as much) and bubble hems (but only if they were a bit more relaxed so one didn't look like those chicken lollipops).

w.d.i.k. said...

I forget to add:

Pantyhose? We're wearing pantyhose again? That was out as a "trend" for a good 15 years! But it's baaaacck!

the fash pack said...

thank you, everyone, for putting your two cents in! happy new year! here's to more fashion in 2007!