Saturday, January 13, 2007

beauty blog: elianto

we've heard about this beauty brand from malaysia called elianto, and we've been advised to go visit it and check out its products. but all the way in mall of asia?? dude, we've got a day job that's nowhere near the bay, and after work, well, who wants to trek all the way there only to be confused by a rotonda that's blocked (isn't the point of a rotonda to be able to go around it?) and one-way roads that change direction by the day?? well, er, we do because we finally got to go (tuhog, ika nga, kasi may appointment kami doon). (and not on a world pyro day, thank god!) elianto, apparently, means sunflower in italian, but as their website admits, they are inspired by "trendsetting, fashionable, beauty-oriented korea." (well, we all know the impact of the face shop...) so we picked up a few products that caught our eye (and lips and skin…), like moisture lip balm (love the cherry flavor, but would love it even more if it had SPF), green tea face scrub, sheer light two-way cake foundation, and our favorite, peppermint shower gel (highly recommended after a late night—it’s just what you need to wake you up the next day!).

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