Wednesday, January 31, 2007

resistance is futile

put some color on. the new iPod shuffle.


Anonymous said...

OMG, pink pink pink! Sana may red din, pero pink for me! I wonder when we can have these new shuffles in our local stores? I cannot wait!

Anonymous said...

This is the first time an iPod comes in orange. Looks really interesting. I wanna see it up close tho. You're right, resistance is futile! I think I have too many iPods na!

Anonymous said...

The iPod shuffle sucks. If you try recharging its battery on a different PC with iTunes, it will automatically copy the song files and delete previously saved ones. In other words, you can't manually manage the song lists on this one! Cute gadget but very annoying.

maclover said...

anon, I think you just misunderstand the workings of the shuffle.

The iPod shuffle is meant to work with only one iTunes at a time. That's because of the limited size and the autofill feature. It's been this way ever since the very first shuffle. If you plug your shuffle into another computer, iTunes is supposed to ask you if you want to sync with that new computer, clicking YES will erase all the songs in your shuffle (there's an appropriate warning saying this too). If you ignore the warning, or select NO, then your iPod will just charge and the songs will remain intact.

I hope this helps.