Friday, January 19, 2007

update on battle of the mobile phones

as mentioned by one anonymous commenter, the apple iphone will be available in the US by june 2007 with cingular as its exclusive carrier. it will sell for US$499 (4GB model) and US$599 (8GB model). it will be available in europe in late 2007, and in asia in 2008. for more info, click here. but why wait for that because the prada phone will be available by next month, woo-hoo! the prada phone by LG is the first completely touch-screen mobile phone in the market, and they beat apple to it by four months. it will be available at select prada stores in the UK, france, germany, and of course, italy by late february 2007 with prices starting at €600. if traveling to europe just to buy a phone seems a bit extravagant, wait till late march 2007 because it will be available in hong kong, singapore, and taiwan, woo-hoo! click here to watch a video on the prada phone and let the drooling begin!

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Ruby Gan said...

shuckS! that means, by HOly Week, meron na sa HK!!! gasp!!! i want one!!!