Wednesday, February 07, 2007

busy wednesday

today was a busy day. busy for events, that is. we had a lunch at M café with the people behind glytone, a new skin-care line available in over 500 dermatologists' offices in metro manila. (if you have that nasty butlig-butlig a.k.a. chicken skin, or the ubiquitous cellulite, they have products to get rid of that! you just have to be machaga with daily applications. haay, we're so tamad...) at 3pm, we walked over to bulgari in greenbelt 3 for the launch of bulgari's newest fragrance: omnia amethyste (tamang-tama, amethyst is the birthstone for those born in february :-). we *love love love* bulgari's fragrances, from the best-selling green tea to white tea to the most expensive rose essentielle (hello, 7,000 pesos a bottle!) to the omnia series, of which amethyste is the latest, and we are not disappointed! ang bango!!! it's light and pretty and, well, if we were a guy, we'd wanna get a little closer... after that, we went to this week's greenbelt 5 exhibit—not at the actual greenbelt 5 because that's still being built (with sufficient parking, we hope). it was an exhibit of the merchandise of a future greenbelt 5 shop; in this case, ana rocha, whose jewelry line (called rocks) is currently available in firma, greenbelt 3. (as we checked out the jewelry, seen below, we had an idea: why didn't bulgari omnia amethyste and rocks do their launch together? oh yeah, that's because bulgari has its own rocks...)

THEN we went to a wine tasting of napa valley wines at nuvo. by that time, it was hard to enjoy what we were drinking because we had had our fill of the vino from the previous two events. so pa-swirl-swirl na lang kami ng baso. sorry, mich dulce, we missed your fashion show in rustan's. congrats na lang. (hic...)

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