Friday, February 23, 2007

pearly shells

last night, we attended an event for BPI’s (bank of the philippine islands) preferred clients, presented with jewelmer. the highlight of the event was a fashion show by rhett eala to showcase jewelmer’s latest pearl-jewelry collection. we heard that every member of that audience had at least 50 million pesos in the bank. whaaat, reeeally…? then how come they were fed cheap catered food na mas bagay sa office canteen? and their paper napkins were so magaspang, masusugat ka when you wipe your mouth. and the wine was served in water goblets! and please we’re so over chocolate fountains (which ran out of chocolate). but never mind, we shouldn’t complain because we don’t have 50 million pesos in the bank (not even 50 million centavos). thank god for the show, though, at least we were entertained. rhett sent out at least 40 pieces (that’s a full-fledged show!) of cocktail dresses, eveningwear, and bridal gowns that were fresh and contemporary, but did not compete with the pearls; they perfectly complemented each other. here are some of our favorites (yes yes the pix are blurred so we'll run them big as non-preferred clients we were even lucky to get a seat and certainly not in the front row more like the fourth row but you get the picture pun unintended):

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