Monday, February 12, 2007

R.I.P. anna nicole smith

born november 28, 1967, died february 8, 2007. because we were out of town with no computer and no wi-fi, it took us a while to get to posting our thoughts on the tragic life and death of anna nicole smith. she became a household name—and face—thanks to her guess ads, which first appeared in 1992, where she looked like a cross between marilyn monroe and jayne mansfield. we mention this because when guess launched its AIDS awareness campaign in 1994, they brought anna nicole smith to the philippines, and we had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing her. she was an easy interview, meaning she answered every question we asked, even about her (in)famous body, boobs and all. she revealed to us that growing up, she was super skinny, resulting in our favorite quote from her: "i didn't get this body till i got pregnant!" she wore a red body-hugging dress, red satin stiletto slingbacks, support pantyhose, and an anklet UNDERNEATH her pantyhose, isn't that funny!? (tacky but funny.) how sad that the last months of her life were no longer funny...

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