Thursday, February 22, 2007

spot the difference

this past week was mall week. we spent a lot of time pounding the pavement, searching for what’s new, what’s fresh, what’s hot. and what’s not: we were shocked at the amount of fake designer goods in the mall! well, maybe not quite fake, not quite counterfeit because this was not the tiangge. more like knock-offs, copyright infringement, blatant copies. to wit: at SM department store, we spotted these cute stuffed cell-phone charms in time for the year of the piggy: now doesn’t that pattern look a lot like louis vuitton’s classic monogram canvas sans initials?? then we went through shoe-store row with the new collections in full display. including this one by VNC: veeeery similar to burberry’s bakya, only the original plaid pattern is diagonal, tanner, and has a red line through it. the “faux” one has blue. and in the most blatant gaya-gaya, we were almost fooled into thinking cinderella was now selling YSL! now tell us, isn’t this an exact copy of yves saint laurent’s muse bag? the only difference is the brand—this is australian, selling for P1,850 (which is probably the price of the real thing in US dollars). compare with the original muse (this one in biscotto). oh, we see the difference—the bagtag on the "faux" one is shorter, and the number of topstitches isn’t the same. does no one have any more originality???

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