Tuesday, February 27, 2007

we're back!

and we can’t wait to tell you all about our trip to boracay. as we mentioned earlier, we hadn’t been back in 10 years. or is it 12 years? whatevah. basta matagal na. may koche na pala sa boracay. hahaha! the fash pack may not be boracay virgins, but we’re definitely nami virgins. this is the fifth year shu uemura has held its annual trip to boracay, in cooperation with the nami resort and, for the last couple of years, motorola, but this is the first time we were invited. and we’re soooo glad we went. so last sunday, we took a seair dornier 328, which claims to take just 35 minutes from manila to boracay (actually it’s more like 45 minutes—we know, we timed it). and when you’re flying at just 15,000 feet above the earth, you can see all the grossness that you didn’t know surrounded you in the city (ugh, look at all that dirty brown muddy water)… then we reached this layer of thick white fluffy clouds… and when we got passed it, it was a sea of blue. literally (that’s the edge of luzon and the shore of batangas—we assume)... then, there it was: bora here we come!!… hmmm, lots of boats surrounding the island, something we never noticed before (yeah, 12 years ago, hello!!)... tomorrow: more on bora!