Tuesday, February 13, 2007

you likey?

"at $2,000 a pop, the new luxury editions of nike's air force 1 sneaker—in anaconda or crocodile skin (above), complete with 18-karat gold shoelace tips—are no mean retail feat. still, if buying ready-made sneakers, no matter how exotic, seems too pedestrian, the next phase of nike's AF1 25th birthday celebration may be more your style. starting thursday, the nikeID studio, at 255 elizabeth street in new york, will begin taking appointments for the ultimate sneaker customization. for $275, aficionados can create their own AF25 nike basketball shoe in more than 25 different materials, including those apparent new kings of the concrete jungle, crocodile, iguana, and ostrich. prospective customers will be selected at random; apply for a slot at www.nikeid.com/255studio." from the new york times


mrshobbes said...

I just saw the shiny GOLD logo sneaks of LV for men--eeek! :D

details_later said...

Me no likey! Eeks, it looks like it freshly crawled out of the swamp, like 10 minutes ago.

For hottie Nike stuff, check out

Aww, the Roger Federer. He looks good.

EdiTrixiaGomez said...

its kinda panget. ektwali its panget.