Friday, March 30, 2007

the greenhills lifestyle

things have been piling up around here, literally and figuratively, that we haven't had the time or inclination to blog :-( a few days ago, while posting about last week's samsung metrowear summer show, and while downsizing tons of pictures, bam! blackout! that was it! kumain na lang kami. kaya tumataba kami. not good. not good at all. especially now. dude, it's summer, we haven't even shopped for a swimsuit yet. what could be worse than trying on swimsuit after swimsuit till you find one that makes you look thin, gives you big boobs and long legs, and distracts from the flabs and cellulite, ugh. we also missed a lot of events this week. la lang, sawa na kami sa same old, same old people, places, and parties. so the other day, for a change, we hung out in greenhills for 12 hours, from 2pm to 2am. jeez, how did that happen...

it started with a couple hours spent at ki spa. now we wouldn't drive all the way to greenhills just to get a treatment here, but it's a nice neighborhood, no-frills spa run by the people behind neo spa in fort bonifacio. ki's specialty are the massages, especially the ones that incorporate reflexology. you can even get a whole head-to-toe treatment without removing your clothes. but we opted for a ginger body scrub (they also have green tea, wasabi, and young rice variants) + a 30-minute massage after. it was pretty good, but what distracted us was the light. not from a lightbulb, mind you, but the strong afternoon light coming in through the wide window in our room. were we supposed to feel like we were in some beach resort like nami? maybe it looks better at night when they fire up those tea lights on the sill. ki neo day spa, 35 wilson st., greenhills west, san juan, tel 725-6789.

then we went to V mall for the first time. it was just a walk-through really because we had to find a pastry shop called sweetest taboo. well, we had gift certificates and needed to use them before they expired! but we couldn't find it, so we proceeded to the promenade looking for a place to eat merienda. out of curiosity, we went all the way up to the third floor to jesi mendez salon & café. who knew a place like this existed? even on a hot summer afternoon, there was a nice breeze up in the balcony. the short, simple menu has pastas, sandwiches, and desserts. we even spotted jesi in all-white being interviewed by the philippine star. later on, he joined our table and even convinced us to get a haircut! and since we had time, we actually did! he has a loyal showbiz clientele, and on that day, we spotted june kiethley and bernardo bernardo (blast from the past ba?). jesi mendez salon & café, 3/f promenade greenhills, san juan, tel 727-7641.

and speaking of blast from the blast, after closing down jesi’s café (it was that relaxing to hang out there), we crossed the street to theatre mall to pilita’s restaurante. yes, THAT pilita corrales, asia’s queen of song. she owns this kitschy little bar-resto, which has a small stage in the corner where celebs (and non-celebs) in attendance are coerced to sing; as well as pilita herself of course. that night, we also heard from bo cerrudo, dulce, dulce’s 14-year-old daughter who has an amazing voice, and…kuya germs?? pilita’s restaurante, G/f theatre mall greenhills, san juan, tel 722-5566.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

sale! sale! sale!

check back for updates! (click the pic...)

Monday, March 26, 2007

buh-bye, YSL?

for those of you who don't know, YSL in greenbelt 4 has been on sale for about a month now. as in everything in the store is discounted, up to 85% off. we were able to buy a pair of black patent platform loafers, from the original price of P46,250 (almost a thousand dollars) down to P6,937.50 (less than $150)—that's practically free! we know women who bought muse bags at 50% off. still pretty expensive but you can't get 'em that cheap, not even on ebay. now why is YSL getting rid of its existing merchandise without anything new coming in? well, take a good look at the store now because we heard a rumor that it's closing its doors here forever. buh-bye, YSL. store specialists inc. (SSI—the local franchise holder) doesn't waste any time trying to wait and see if a brand will pick up. did you notice they got rid of coach? and did you notice, prada no longer carries ready-to-wear? and whatever happened to marlboro jeans, is it still around? so what will replace YSL? we heard another rumor that another designer name will take its place, one that begins with a letter M... could it be miu miu? or marc by marc jacobs? or michael kors? abangan!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

philippine fashion week 2007

while we weren't looking, philippine fashion week snuck up on us. it started last friday, march 23, at rockwell tent. and we missed it. and we've been missing it, dang! well, life happens, and we haven't had the time to swing by. you (and we) can still catch the rest of the shows starting tomorrow. (otherwise, we'll just read the reports of cecile zamora in star and alex vergara in inquirer.) PFW doesn't have a website (or we just can't find it), so if you want the sked pick up a copy of the philippine star. they're a media partner, so the complete list of shows should be there.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

apl for human

chuvaness beat us to reporting about it, but the fash pack was there too at the press con to introduce of black eyed peas as the new image model of human. si ben talaga—remember what we said, what ben chan wants, ben chan gets. and when ben watched the black eyed peas in concert at araneta coliseum last year, he was so impressed by apl's pinoy pride. and since human has been changing its image from sporty to funkier, edgier clothing, and using musicians for its ad campaigns, who could be better than apl to personify that. and after pursuing him through the help of celebrity manager girlie rodis (who had contacts with apl's agent), the contract was signed late last year. apl arrived on thursday in time for a photo shoot with mark nicdao (styling by noel manapat, grooming by our idol juan sarte III), a press con (hosted by joey mead who we think did a pretty good job) yesterday at the peninsula manila, and appearances at glorietta and mall of asia. a few scenes from the press con... a few images from the official human shoot...

Friday, March 23, 2007

Thursday, March 22, 2007

make your own havaianas

it starts today! the annual "make your own havaianas" event! head to power plant mall's north court (the area on the mango side) to choose your sole, strap, and little pin or swarovski crystal for your very own unique, custom-made havaianas. no two alike! it was cuh-rey-zee there today! and it's only the first day! we dropped by at around 3pm, and we were told it was gonna get cuh-rey-zee-yer by the end of the day. you can see how the different colored straps look against the different colored soles in this slipper-shaped board... or this round table with the lazy susan... then you choose either colored swarovski crystals or cute pins, which they attach right there... the crazy scene, as seen from the second floor... you have till march 26! go!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

la copa

this may be a little early to write about because you can’t do anything about it till a month from now. but this’ll give you a headstart. yesterday there was a luncheon held at palm grove, rockwell club to promote a tie-up between globe platinum and la copa, a yet-to-open boutique that will sell international designer labels at a fraction of the price! for as little as P1,000! how is that possible?? brands like catherine malandrino, costume national, hussein chalayan, 3.1 philip lim, marc jacobs, marni, anna sui, and other brands not available in the philippines will be sold at up to 70% off the original price at an exclusive sale for globe platinum subscribers (and two guests) at the rockwell tent on april 13, 14, and 15. we didn’t get to talk to the girls behind la copa, but we wondered, just like everyone else, if these clothes were “overruns” or “surplus” items from china, similar to the ones sold by the likes of designer soirée or trunk show. we heard that they were actually samples, which means there will be only one piece per size per style. there was a mini fashion show to give the designer-deprived audience a sneak peek (and sorry the clothes were not yet available for purchase, wah!). the chic, young women behind la copa below, from left: regina sambalido, dianne tan, melanie go, and model isabel roces (is what they're wearing also for sale??). some of the looks (although we don't know what brands they are because they didn't say):





la copa will open in june at penthouse 2, mancor corporate center, 32nd st., bonifacio global city. visit

Monday, March 19, 2007

the fash cam: black & white dresses

just as the fash pack predicted, black & white prints are big this spring/summer season. just visit any zara or mango (the two stores guaranteed to have the spring/summer deliveries on time), and you'll see a lot of dresses, skirts, and tops with black & white prints. and just to show how easy it is to wear this trend, a lot of women in creative fields—fashion, broadcasting, retail, publishing—have already adapted it into their wardrobes, specifically in cool, comfortable dresses (another important s/s trend!)...
ianne uses it as the perfect swimsuit coverup in nami, boracay
joanna wears another s/s trend—the trapeze silhouette—at a book launch in red, makati shang
liz keeps it monochromatic during women's day at the mercedes-benz showroom
phoemela gives her tent dress some shape with a wide belt at keren pascual's birthday party
liza channels edie sedgwick with black tights and patent shoes in front of andy warhol's car at the BMW art cars exhibit
daphne in a brand new zara dress and vintage ann demeulemeester mules at the "ANC life" studio (photo credit: daphne! belated happy birthday, girl!)

Sunday, March 18, 2007

wardrobe remix vs share your look

the fash pack has always been a big fan of wardrobe remix. we love looking at the way real people style themselves, the fresh and inventive ways they put things together. sometimes, after changing our outfit 10 times because nothing works or we feel fat or we have "nothing" to wear," we click on that link just for some inspiration. sometimes, we wish we had winter or at least fall weather here in the philippines so that we too can wear coats and boots and tights and all that fun layering stuff that make an outfit interesting. sometimes, we just like to look and critique and develop our fashion eye. now wardrobe remix has some competition in share your look. it's busier and chock-full of sections, tons of tabs, and lotsa pages, making it confusing, time-consuming, and a drag to navigate, as opposed to wardrobe remix's very straightforward design. check them out and tell us: which one do you like? (we like the fash cam! ;-)

Saturday, March 17, 2007

opening soon: itsie-bitsie

tonight, before heading for a dinner in bel-air village, we decided to stop by santi's deli in rockwell to pick up a couple bottles of wine. now for you clueless ones who didn't realize that santi's, starbucks, UCC, et. al., have all moved from the block they once occupied, santi's deli is now located at the ground floor of joya lofts and tower, which is somewhat across the back of the rockwell tent. and looky at what we spotted right next to santi's... for fans of itsie-bitsie who live nowhere near malate, this is good news! they're opening soon in rockwell! we have no idea when, though, because there were no signs. stay tuned...

Friday, March 16, 2007

nike + ipod

go to select fitness first branches where you can get the chance to try out the nike+ shoe, which connects to an ipod nano. visit to find out exactly what they can do together. (click the pic to enlarge and read the details.)

Thursday, March 15, 2007

read before you use

this is what neutrogena says about its healthy skin face lotion spf15 product:

Neutrogena Healthy Skin® Face Lotion SPF 15 is a daily, multi-vitamin facial treatment that improves the texture and appearance of skin. Its dermatologist-recommended formula contains Alpha-Hydroxy Acid. It eases away the appearance of fine lines, blotches and discolorations for a more vibrant, even-toned complexion. Anti-oxidant Vitamins C and E help fight environmental damage. Pro-Vitamin B5 moisturizes, softens and smoothes skin. SPF 15 sun protection helps prevent premature signs of aging. In just two weeks, skin is softer and smoother with improved radiance and clarity.
• Allergy tested
• Oil-free
• Non-comedogenic (won't clog pores)
• Non-greasy
• 2.5 fl. oz. pump bottle
• Available in Night, SPF 15 and Sensitive Skin formulas

this is what wired says about "what's inside":

HYDROXYACETIC ACID Marketers prefer the less-scary-sounding "alpha-hydroxy." It’s a corrosive acid that breaks apart the outer layer of skin, spurring new cell growth. While it may make you look younger, it can also make skin twice as vulner­able to sun damage — good thing Neutrogena adds SPF 15 sunscreen. When hydroxyacetic acid is not melting faces worldwide, it can be found in bathroom tile scum removers, where it dissolves minerals left behind in your shower.
BENZOIC ACID A derivative of toluene and oxygen, benzoic acid is a preservative commonly used to keep soda or fruit juice from getting moldy. In lotion, it functions as an antimicrobial.
BENZOPHENONE Rub this flower-scented lotion on your skin or stick your face in a diesel's tailpipe, where benzophenone is present in the exhaust. Either way, you get a nice sunscreen. If swallowed or inhaled, though, the substance may disrupt hormones and mess with your brain. Scientists — and probably industry lawyers — recommend against using it on kids.
PANTHENOL This is the alcohol variant of pantothenic acid, aka vitamin B5. In a living cell, it becomes a component of coenzyme A, which helps repair the skin's plasma membranes. Attention Chernobyl-area residents: It also protects against gamma radiation from nuclear fallout.
RETINYL PALMITATE Nonchemists call this vitamin A, which benefits bone growth and night vision when it’s ingested. Here it fights acne and other skin disorders.
ASCORBIC ACID POLYPEPTIDE You know it as vitamin C. In lab tests, ascorbic acid generated an eightfold increase in the production of collagen, which helps prevent wrinkles. It’s also a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals (highly reactive molecules that can damage the skin's surface).
OCTYL METHOXYCINNAMATE Another sunscreen ingredient, this compound absorbs light in the 280- to 320-nanometer range, the ultraviolet-B part of the spectrum. This type of blocker is a fairly recent addition to lotions — the ozone layer used to stop UVB rays.
XANTHAN GUM This natural additive gets around more than Paris Hilton. It provides a smooth, pillowy texture in just about everything — from toothpaste and ice cream to rust dissolver. — Patrick Di Justo

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

something new to covet

from the new york times: "Lapel of Luxury: Inspired by an old photograph of John Lennon wearing a flower on his jacket, this leather boutonniere is $420 at select Louis Vuitton stores."