Thursday, March 01, 2007

bora, day 2 and 3

day 2 was spent lying in bed all morning watching the oscars (yes, they have cable TV). we wanted to toss out our two cents, but everyone is so over jennifer hudson winning, ok? it's all downhill from here, girlfriend. we're kinda over boracay na rin, since we've been back in the big, bad, dirty, ugly city since tuesday evening. bora seems like a faraway dream now... now we understand why some people who go there end up never leaving. now we get the boracay lifestyle. it’s all about long walks by the beach… having those famous fresh fruit shakes at jonah’s… shopping at d’mall (may mall na sa bora??)…

wearing havaianas every day, everywhere (this was one of the many giveaways, which also included a motorola phone, woo-hoo!)... taking a sunset cruise on the m/s vianelle trimaran (while sipping champagne, of course ;-)… and of course the actual sunset. gorgeous! we have the best sunsets in the world, don't you think?

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Fara said...

hi -

i enjoy reading your blog. I have 2 friends who are currently visiting the Phils. and they visited Boracay. Their impressions are mixed. Here's their blog: