Monday, March 19, 2007

the fash cam: black & white dresses

just as the fash pack predicted, black & white prints are big this spring/summer season. just visit any zara or mango (the two stores guaranteed to have the spring/summer deliveries on time), and you'll see a lot of dresses, skirts, and tops with black & white prints. and just to show how easy it is to wear this trend, a lot of women in creative fields—fashion, broadcasting, retail, publishing—have already adapted it into their wardrobes, specifically in cool, comfortable dresses (another important s/s trend!)...
ianne uses it as the perfect swimsuit coverup in nami, boracay
joanna wears another s/s trend—the trapeze silhouette—at a book launch in red, makati shang
liz keeps it monochromatic during women's day at the mercedes-benz showroom
phoemela gives her tent dress some shape with a wide belt at keren pascual's birthday party
liza channels edie sedgwick with black tights and patent shoes in front of andy warhol's car at the BMW art cars exhibit
daphne in a brand new zara dress and vintage ann demeulemeester mules at the "ANC life" studio (photo credit: daphne! belated happy birthday, girl!)

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Anonymous said...

Among the girls wearing black & white, I think Liz carried it the best.