Friday, March 30, 2007

the greenhills lifestyle

things have been piling up around here, literally and figuratively, that we haven't had the time or inclination to blog :-( a few days ago, while posting about last week's samsung metrowear summer show, and while downsizing tons of pictures, bam! blackout! that was it! kumain na lang kami. kaya tumataba kami. not good. not good at all. especially now. dude, it's summer, we haven't even shopped for a swimsuit yet. what could be worse than trying on swimsuit after swimsuit till you find one that makes you look thin, gives you big boobs and long legs, and distracts from the flabs and cellulite, ugh. we also missed a lot of events this week. la lang, sawa na kami sa same old, same old people, places, and parties. so the other day, for a change, we hung out in greenhills for 12 hours, from 2pm to 2am. jeez, how did that happen...

it started with a couple hours spent at ki spa. now we wouldn't drive all the way to greenhills just to get a treatment here, but it's a nice neighborhood, no-frills spa run by the people behind neo spa in fort bonifacio. ki's specialty are the massages, especially the ones that incorporate reflexology. you can even get a whole head-to-toe treatment without removing your clothes. but we opted for a ginger body scrub (they also have green tea, wasabi, and young rice variants) + a 30-minute massage after. it was pretty good, but what distracted us was the light. not from a lightbulb, mind you, but the strong afternoon light coming in through the wide window in our room. were we supposed to feel like we were in some beach resort like nami? maybe it looks better at night when they fire up those tea lights on the sill. ki neo day spa, 35 wilson st., greenhills west, san juan, tel 725-6789.

then we went to V mall for the first time. it was just a walk-through really because we had to find a pastry shop called sweetest taboo. well, we had gift certificates and needed to use them before they expired! but we couldn't find it, so we proceeded to the promenade looking for a place to eat merienda. out of curiosity, we went all the way up to the third floor to jesi mendez salon & café. who knew a place like this existed? even on a hot summer afternoon, there was a nice breeze up in the balcony. the short, simple menu has pastas, sandwiches, and desserts. we even spotted jesi in all-white being interviewed by the philippine star. later on, he joined our table and even convinced us to get a haircut! and since we had time, we actually did! he has a loyal showbiz clientele, and on that day, we spotted june kiethley and bernardo bernardo (blast from the past ba?). jesi mendez salon & café, 3/f promenade greenhills, san juan, tel 727-7641.

and speaking of blast from the blast, after closing down jesi’s café (it was that relaxing to hang out there), we crossed the street to theatre mall to pilita’s restaurante. yes, THAT pilita corrales, asia’s queen of song. she owns this kitschy little bar-resto, which has a small stage in the corner where celebs (and non-celebs) in attendance are coerced to sing; as well as pilita herself of course. that night, we also heard from bo cerrudo, dulce, dulce’s 14-year-old daughter who has an amazing voice, and…kuya germs?? pilita’s restaurante, G/f theatre mall greenhills, san juan, tel 722-5566.

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Anonymous said...

Kuya Germs, Pilita, June Kiethley and Jesi Mendez all in the same day? Blast from the past nga! But what were your shopping discoveries at Vmall? :)