Sunday, March 04, 2007

if you like art and/or cars

last night we attended the opening of the “BMW art cars” exhibit. what it is is a bunch of BMW cars “de-faced” by world-famous artists. oh, by the likes of andy warhol, roy lichtenstein, frank stella, and ken done. those are the four actual cars to be exhibited in manila till it moves to korea (it came from singapore). there are a total of 15 cars painted by 15 different artists, and the fleet is divided into three groups, which are now roving different parts of the world (not on wheels ha). the four cars were brought here by charter plane, and each car has its own “yaya.” wait, make that TWO “yayas” who take care of the car, clean it, and make sure that no one touches it. because if you so much as poke it, the car will alarm—all the way in germany! last friday, the fash pack was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at the four cars and the 11 miniature models (which are available for sale at the museum shop, by the way) before the well-heeled crowd showed up saturday night. which one is your favorite?

andy warhol for BMW M1:
frank stella for BMW coupé:
roy lichtenstein for BMW 320i:
ken done for BMW M3: and look who perfectly matched the lichtenstein: it's tessa prieto-valdes wearing a suit made of original roy lichtenstein-designed fabric, complete with benday dots and all!

"BMW art cars" on exhibit at the ayala museum till march 31, 2007.

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wow, tessa is so skinny!