Thursday, April 05, 2007

the bucolic lifestyle

every holy week, every year, since nineteen-forgotten, we’ve spent holy thursday to easter sunday in manila. because we are so stressed out the rest of the year because of work and dealing with impossible bosses, staying home and doing nothing is a holiday in itself. time spent doing nothing is the ultimate luxury. waking up late, not showering or brushing your teeth, spending the entire day in your jammies, staying in bed, surfing the net not for research but finding out what britney’s up to these days, having deebeedee marathons—you get the pic-cha. but this year, for some reason, we ended up going out of town. tagaytay lang naman, but far enough from the pollution and traffic in manila. (although ironically that is all we encountered in the two hours it took us to get here.) it’s nice to get away once in while, when you are forced to do nothing because everything is closed and everyone is away. ang ganda pala sa probinsiya, ‘no? here we got to bond with some of the locals. this is ruffa, first princess of the cogon… of course, we couldn’t leave home without our mac with a globe visibility connection (so we're wi-fi, anytime, anywhere. anywhere there's a globe signal, that is). this way we were able to find out who was out in american idol via (buh-bye, gina, no more reason to “smile”, boo-hoo)… and to blog of course (pero ang tagal mag-upload ha). plus the latest issue of vogue (medyo boring, sorry, anna)… a mountain of junk food (i.e., pampataba)… and of course, a whole lotta BEER… for tomorrow, we shall abstain.

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Ruby Gan said...


I know exactly what you mean. My kids and I opted to stay home - and it was pure bliss! We made panini sandwiches, lounged in our pjs, watched a lot of dvds - ang sarap ng feeling! My mobile phone was very quiet for once!!!

*sigh* but it will be Sunday soon and back to the old grind!

Happy Easter, fash pack!

P.S. The Prada phone is now available on order in the Prada Boutique in Alexander House, Central, HK. Price is HK$6200 or about USD800. :D Drool!!!