Monday, April 30, 2007

happy birthday, chuvaness

so how did you spend your weekend? if, like us, you received one of these... then you must have been at cecile zamora van straten’s 40th birthday party last saturday. and just like any party worth a door biatch, this one had a theme: 80s. yikes! the decade we want to forget! (also the decade fashion forgot? hmmm wasn't that the 70s..?). the boys' invite (left) had rubber bracelets, little silver hoop earrings, a dozen safety pins, and angelique black eyeliner. the girls' invite (right) had fingerless gloves, little silver hoop earrings, a dozen safety pins, and angelique black eyeliner. and each had a credit-card-plastic invite, which had cecile's caricature and written in the back:
instructions for april 28, 2007:
1) wear an '80s outfit, including this invitation.
2) go to shangri-la's premiere cinema on the 5th level, 7pm.
3) eat the food.
4) have your picture taken.
5) enter the cinema to watch an '80s movie.
6) popcorn and soda are free.
7) enjoy.
so for inspiration, all day saturday we listened to 80s music, and became nostalgic for all our favorite british new wave bands—the cure, echo & the bunnymen, aztec camera, scritti politti, style council, the blow monkeys, ABC, elvis costello & the attractions, haircut 100, even culture club! daming memories… at hindi lahat maganda! but people came dressed in 80s, some hard-core 80s, others 80s-influenced lang. some preppy, some punk, some dynasty, some disco. after food and drinks catered by margarita fores, we were treated to a classic 80s movie, and no, it didn't star molly ringwald... some random people who were feeling 80s that night…
daphne! patrick!
jo ann! tadi!
liza! elbert!
mimi! juliet!
melvin! xtina! jujiin!
peewee! paulo!
so chica cecile zamora!


cecile said...

thank you fashpack!
so glad you made it

the fash pack said...

thank you also, cecile, for inviting us. but please don't make us dress that way again. hahaha!

Ruby Gan said...

hey..that looks soooo cool! nice!

details_later said...


Valley Girl!

That movie is SO bitchin'!

I'll never run out of love for this movie. And Nicolas Cage will always have a pass with me thanks to this movie. (I still won't see Con-Air or Next though.)

The fashion in the party not too 80s ha. Only Liza and Michael Salientes manage to time warp their fashion.

Not enough high-waisted pants. (Which are coming back pala. Unbelievable!)

Just this think Jersey chica (as in chi-kah) with big hair and high waist pants and boots. They're still wearing today ha.

Like the 80s, this comment entry is a "sequel." Not exactly the original, but close enough.

anna said...

everybody looks cool... but if i were invited to the party --and i were feeling fat-- then i'd dress like madonna. underwear showing, rubber bracelets, huge rhinestone earrings! if i were feeling thin, then i'd do joe strummer from the clash. tight black pants and tight t-shirt... with leather bracelet. haha!

liza said...

thanks, details_later... i think. i actually won a prize for my outfit, hahaha!