Tuesday, April 24, 2007

lady dolls

would you pay P25,000 for these dolls? each. we found these dolls during our road trip last weekend. they were being sold at kusina salud, which is owned by patis tesoro, so we have to assume that their lovely costumes were made by the designer best known for her filipiniana creations. meet ninay the tindera sa palengke (market vendor): this is ninay the trabajadora (peasant worker): and this is ninay the flower vendor (her sign was blown away and lost forever by milenyo):


Anonymous said...

yes. my mom bought several Ninay dolls from Patis and they are worth more than P50,000 each. I wouldn't call them toys, they're works of art. Each one of the dolls' faces is hand painted by Galicano and the gowns are intricately made by Patis.

Anonymous said...

I love expensive dolls. I have a collection of Custom house ainai dolls. We even order it from korea. Money is nothing as long as the item you bought using it makes you happy and gives you satisfaction. My Parents gave me 2 Ninay Dolls on my last birthday. I really love the details of the costume. Now, I want to buy more.