Friday, April 20, 2007

now open: archaeology

power plant changed the name of the independent lifestyles section into archaeology. we don’t know why. but it’s got lotsa cool stuff! shop!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for featuring Archaeology! Although it is still undergoing work in progress:) Why the new name? Well first of all since the wing has gotten a new look it deserves a new name! Archaeology because here you can "discover" the ff: 1) new up & coming home grown & local retailers,designers, concepts etc..not available in every mall in Manila 2) your own unique personal individual style! What makes it more interesting is that most of these tenants actually have day jobs as stylists, make up artists, exporters & the likes.

Their passion for fashion turned their hobbies into "home grown" concepts literally since most started their venture selling from their own respective homes into a full time retail concept.

Hope you liked it & please support our young & talented first time (for most) retailers!!

maddy said...

I just came back from Power Plant and saw the Archaeology sign all over. I thought it was the name of a new store! Thanks for clearing that up.

pussycat dog said...

Isa lang po ang tanong ko: bakit may National Bookstore doon? Parang 'di bagay.