Wednesday, May 30, 2007

blogger down! blogger down! (updated!)

where were you last night when all that thunder and lightning was happening? well, we were at M café for the launch of issey miyake watches. the japanese designer collaborated with other japanese designers (industrial, interior) to create a collection of about 25 watches. the watches are produced by seiko and are all made in japan. choose from:

[we apologize for this interruption but blogger has failed us once again... we can't post any photos!]

UPDATE: woo-hoo! photos posted! as we were saying, here are the issey miyake watch collections:
"twelve" by naoto fukasawa
"trapezoid" by naoto fukasawa
"to" by tokuin yoshioka
"vakio" by harri koskinen
and no watch launch is complete without the "faces" (get it, the faces? as in the face of the watch..? hehe, never mind...) and so the "faces" were unveiled:
TV host daphne oseña-paez
photographer raymund isaac
model rissa samson
architect chut cuerva
and here are the real things! can you match the face to the, er, face?

issey miyake watches, priced from P17,000-P30,000, available at no curfew

Sunday, May 27, 2007

the fash cam: printed dresses

now that summer is (un)officially over, we look back fondly on those super-sunny days (not! it was too damn hot!). but what we really loved was summer's big fashion item: dresses. in all lengths and silhouettes. especially in big bold prints. they were everywhere! of course, zara and mango had the best choices, but local brands like bayo and plains & prints had them too, as well as any tiangge in town. here are some lovely ones we spotted...
pam tempers her swirly psychedelic print with black accessories
we've seen joey in this dress a couple times before and it still looks fresh
joanne rae keeps it neutral for someone of her age and stature
good god, apples can wear a sack and still look super chic! (we want those legs!!!)
bianca gives her breezy dress a luxe-resort feel with sparkly gladiator sandals
phoemela gives it some shape with a wide white belt
and we spotted peewee in two cute trapeze dresses!
at the zara s/s show
at the smashbox press launch

Saturday, May 26, 2007

we brake for birks

there's a new shoe in town. well, not that new, as this brand is actually over 200 years old. and not quite here yet as its first freestanding store in the philippines opens in june at trinoma, the new ayala mall in quezon city. willkommen nach manila, birkenstock. last week, the kind people of birkenstock sent us a pair of the classic "madrid" fitness sandals. not in the fun, summery colors like above (shucks), but in a classic (read: safe, boring) navy blue. (but thank you, nonetheless. who doesn't love pressies??) but the silver ones look really cool, very now, very spring/summer oh-seven. birkenstock is a german family-run brand that's been making these, er, not-exactly-the-height-of-fashion sandals since 1774. if the 70s had dr. scholl's, and the noughties have havaianas and crocs, the 90s had birks. we remember back in the early-to-mid 90s, at the height of grunge, grungey types wore their birks with socks till that trend hit the mainstream and that was that. in other words, fashion hell. birkenstocks became a bad word. they fell off the fashion radar till the brand tapped the likes of heidi klum to design a sparkly collection for them, then the market was flooded with knock-offs. fashion hell once again. we say, best to stick with a classic style, and the "madrid" is actually kinda cool to wear on a summer afternoon when you have to go to the mall and get a pedicure and go speed-shopping for a dress because you have a wedding to attend tomorrow and have nothing to wear—which is what we did yesterday. we put our birks to the test and wondered if we would last six hours of malling with all those strange bumps on the footbed. (and no wonder crunchy types like birks—the footbed is made from cork oak bark, which grows back after removal. plus they use solvent-free glue. how green!) apparently, gripping those bumps with your toes is good calf exercise, so yey, this counts as a workout! we survived with no aches or pains or bruises. except for one tiny one where the strap constantly rubbed against our foot—but only on the left foot.

Friday, May 25, 2007

7 days till launch

7 days till launch of what, you ask? till the launch of the kate moss collection at topshop! we wonder, will manila experience the same frenzy experienced in london? will customers queue up 24 hours before the store opens? or will they be angry as they were in barneys new york because the clothes were double the price? we'll find out on june 1. see you there (at topshop, glorietta 2, robinsons galleria, and mall of asia)...

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

this is where we went shopping

there are so many things to do in cebu, but since we spent most of the time eating (as you can see from our previous post), we didn't have much time to do anything else. especially SHOP! we only went to one place... this is briones street, which is off lapu-lapu street, located in the "old" part of cebu city. it's a short stretch with a dead end, and they sell all kinds of beads! beads made of wood, plastic, seashells, coco shells, mother-of-pearl, stone, even teeth (animal, not human). most of them are just strung on nylon strings, and you're supposed to take them apart and make your own necklace. or wear them as is. and the best part? they are DIRT CHEAP! how cheap, you ask? well, the cheapest thing we found was a string of tiny wood beads for THREE BUCKS. as in three frickin' pesos. and with all these choices, we are ashamed to admit, we were overwhelmed and bought NOTHING. not even the three-peso beads :-( we want to go back to cebu, wah!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

the fash packs... and goes to another wedding

this time in cebu. actually the wedding was last saturday and we just got back to manila last night. it's been nine months since our last visit to cebu, and this time around, we made some foodie discoveries, with something to appeal to everyone, whether you prefer luxe resort fine-dining or don't mind sharing space with flies and car exhaust.

1. first is a place that has slowly been gaining a lot of press—abacá boutique resort + restaurant. well, the nine rooms that comprise the boutique-resort part is still being built, and will open in august. the restaurant, however, is open for business, and gets its share of tourists (both foreign and filipino), as well as locals, which is surprising because cebuanos keep insisting they're kuripot! and to eat at abacá, you better make sure your credit-card bills are paid up (or bring lotsa cash). we went for dinner, and upon entering the gated property and walking down the pathway surrounded by a lush garden, it felt like we were at a four seasons resort, albeit a mini one. the resto is "naturally air-conditioned" so dress for heat. dress code is casual, but we advise you to be "fashionably creative" with your shorts and tsinelas, just the same. here's what we ordered (plus the damage):
four salads—a tasting of four abaca salads (serves 2-3 persons, P905). we would have been happy with just this really. and at that price!!!
sautéed salmon/yoghurt tahini/grilled tomato/coriander pesto (P835). fish was tender, not dry, very tasty, everything light and fresh, perfect for a sultry evening
wood fired prawns/saffron potato "risotto"/grilled asparagus (P825). three huge prawns that left us satisfied, and that "risotto" was quite interesting
all washed down with a bottle of rock chardonnay from australia (P1,050). a nice, light, dry white wine, perfect for our orders

so you do the math! definitely a special-occasion destination, quite romantic, quiet and pleasant. abacá boutique resort + restaurant, punta engano rd., mactan island, lapu-lapu city, cebu, tel (32) 495-8456, (visit the website for better pix!)

2. if you're on a budget and just want food that's cheap but satisfying, head to kaoná grill—the garden dining experience. this used to be located at an empty lot across ayala center cebu, but we guess ayala wanted their land back, so they moved to another location. don't know if it's better, though, since this is also "naturally air-conditioned" but instead of being next to a beach, it's next to a busy street. it's nice at night when they light up the garden and have an acoustic band play three nights a week. here's the menu to whet your appetite. and check out those prices! man, for what we spent at abacá, we could've ordered everything on the menu here!
and looky they've been featured in the asian wall street journal! and you know you can trust those guys... (click to enlarge and read) kanoá grill, A.S. fortuna corner H. cortes streets, mandaue city, cebu, tel (32) 343-9994 to 95

3. finally there's abaseria deli & café, which is a little out of the way, but worth it if you enjoy out-of-the-way places. it's located in the old residential area of cebu and it started out as a house selling stuff and just kept growing.

the deli sells local delicacies like piyaya and suman, even mangoes, as well as more exotic stuff like this spicy vinegar that you can't take back to manila because if they spot it in your luggage at the airport, you will be asked to remove it (apparently, vinegar is not allowed on planes because it is a corrosive material! duh!), and that nasty civet coffee (made from beans swallowed by civet cats, which they poop whole, then are collected, washed, and made into coffee—800 bucks for a gerber-sized jar!). the place reminds us a bit of café juanita in pasig city, albeit a smaller, less crowded version, because almost everything on display is for sale. aside from food, there are accessories, homeware, books, and local handicrafts.

abaseria deli & café, 39-B pres. roxas corner cong. noel streets, villa aurora, kasambagan, cebu city, tel (32) 234-4160

Thursday, May 17, 2007

what is your visual DNA?

go here and to fill in the blanks, click on the pic that appeals to you the most. we're a sofisticat, a conqueror, a high-time roller, and a part-time lover ;-) what are you?

Monday, May 14, 2007

election day

exercise your right and VOTE!
"election day" by arcadia (warning: this video is over eight minutes long. credit: LightfootLyric)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

new news newsy: google this

• beyonce to be the face of giorgio armani's new fragrance, emporio armani diamonds due out in the fall. (what happens to her fragrance with tommy hilfiger?)
• vera wang is the latest designer to launch a collection under a mass-market brand. her simply vera vera wang label will debut in september in kohl's department store.
• angelina jolie will be the new face of shiseido—but only in asia. (including the philippines?)
• and on the local front: we heard gap is opening. any guesses where when who is bringing it in?

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

R.I.P. isabella blow

ISABELLA BLOW's husband Detmar confirmed this morning that the 48-year-old fashion guru died in the early hours of Sunday morning at the Gloucestershire Royal Hospital. The news has shocked the international fashion world, for whom Isabella has been a bastion, credited with the discovery of such successful figures as Alexander McQueen, Philip Treacy, Sophie Dahl and Stella Tennant. "She was a ray of sunshine," said Detmar, of the woman he proposed to just 16 days after meeting her at a wedding in 1988 before marrying her the following year. "She was a beautiful, brave woman; indefatigable, courageous and brilliantly intellectual." Blow, who recently underwent surgery to remove a tumour and had also suffered severe depression, had been confined to hospital for some time but her husband said he had still been hopeful of a recovery. "She was original, impactful, generous-minded and spotted some of the greatest talents," said Geordie Greig, editor of Tatler magazine for which Blow was still working as a contributing editor. "She was the most intelligent and creative person in fashion. In many ways she was the British queen of fashion. She was intoxicating. You could never get enough of her. She was a free spirit." Philip Treacy, whose hats Isabella was rarely seen without, also paid tribute from the Blow country home this morning: "She was a great champion of young people," he said. "She came from the establishment but she was a punk at heart. Her love was talent, rather than money. Her ethos was beauty and elegance. And her encouragement was rare." (May 8 2007, AM) from

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

a starlet is born in bazaar!

yesterday we bought the may 2007 issue of bazaar (cover: gwen stefani), and today we finally got to read it. and look, another local gal makes it to the international press: wendy puyat-hotung's swimsuit line called a starlet is born. check out the "what's new" section on page 48. congratulations, wendy! (although we wish they published a pic of you too 'cause you're way hotter than that brazilian babe!).