Wednesday, May 30, 2007

blogger down! blogger down! (updated!)

where were you last night when all that thunder and lightning was happening? well, we were at M café for the launch of issey miyake watches. the japanese designer collaborated with other japanese designers (industrial, interior) to create a collection of about 25 watches. the watches are produced by seiko and are all made in japan. choose from:

[we apologize for this interruption but blogger has failed us once again... we can't post any photos!]

UPDATE: woo-hoo! photos posted! as we were saying, here are the issey miyake watch collections:
"twelve" by naoto fukasawa
"trapezoid" by naoto fukasawa
"to" by tokuin yoshioka
"vakio" by harri koskinen
and no watch launch is complete without the "faces" (get it, the faces? as in the face of the watch..? hehe, never mind...) and so the "faces" were unveiled:
TV host daphne oseña-paez
photographer raymund isaac
model rissa samson
architect chut cuerva
and here are the real things! can you match the face to the, er, face?

issey miyake watches, priced from P17,000-P30,000, available at no curfew


the philosphical bastard said...

yeah i think was indeed down yesterday. time flies so fast.. here come the rainy days.

cecile said...

you can post pictures via Flickr.
much more reliable than Blogger uploads

Mrs.T said...

damn that lightningstorm. i was supposed to pop by too :( daphne looks gorgeous. psst, by the way, do i owe u an article? or was it some other publication? *uh oh...*

the fash pack said...

cecile: thanks for the tip, we'll try to try it next time. we're so lazy we just snap n drag...

mrs. T: we're not just lazy, we're also forgetful! what was that article about..? *uh oh...*

kai said...

rissa samson's dress is lovely

verns said...

where was chut?

the fash pack said...

chut was supposed to arrive that day from europe, but didn't, that's all we know.