Sunday, May 27, 2007

the fash cam: printed dresses

now that summer is (un)officially over, we look back fondly on those super-sunny days (not! it was too damn hot!). but what we really loved was summer's big fashion item: dresses. in all lengths and silhouettes. especially in big bold prints. they were everywhere! of course, zara and mango had the best choices, but local brands like bayo and plains & prints had them too, as well as any tiangge in town. here are some lovely ones we spotted...
pam tempers her swirly psychedelic print with black accessories
we've seen joey in this dress a couple times before and it still looks fresh
joanne rae keeps it neutral for someone of her age and stature
good god, apples can wear a sack and still look super chic! (we want those legs!!!)
bianca gives her breezy dress a luxe-resort feel with sparkly gladiator sandals
phoemela gives it some shape with a wide white belt
and we spotted peewee in two cute trapeze dresses!
at the zara s/s show
at the smashbox press launch


anna said...

i LOVE dresses, too! they all look fab! but joey's and peewee's green dresses are my faves.

Anonymous said...

peewee looks great. very Kristin Rawson of teen vogue! Phoemela's outfit is very dated ;-(