Monday, May 07, 2007

nigel is a lovely name

sino si nigel barker at bakit sha nandito? we aren't followers of "america's next top model" so when we were excitedly informed by "someone in the know" that nigel barker was coming to manila, our first reaction was, who he? why, he's a judge on ANTM! a former model himself! now a fashion photographer! (note how we didn't insert "world famous" or "in demand" or "hot". although he IS hot. hot-looking, that is. we think we'd get more excited, though, if they told us scott schuman were coming to town...) so there we were at makati shangri-la's quezon ballroom (formerly known as zu, for all you young historians out there), admiring the lovely way the place was decorated... yun pala, something more lovely lurked behind those curtains. the press conference with the man himself. ladies and gentlemen, mr. nigel barker! but first a mini-fashion show with soopermodels bianca valerio, isabel roces, and rissa samson dressed in A/X armani exchange and DKNY... and host sam oh to introduce the guest of honor (and we must say sam makes a pretty good host. she immediately establishes good rapport with the audience and with her subject)... if you want to see and hear (and hopefully touch) nigel barker live and in person and in the flesh, run run run to the greenbelt 3 park (may 10, thu, 7pm) and to alabang town center (may 11, fri, 6pm). and what will he be doing in between today and thursday? well, nigel himself gave it away: he'll be doing a shoot for tatler magazine (his second; he shot last month's cover with anna bayle). who what where? secret... (daw)


Anonymous said...

i know for a fact that he shot in the studio of an established photographer here with the initials RI.

pussycat dog said...

Hindi daw sha nice?