Wednesday, May 23, 2007

this is where we went shopping

there are so many things to do in cebu, but since we spent most of the time eating (as you can see from our previous post), we didn't have much time to do anything else. especially SHOP! we only went to one place... this is briones street, which is off lapu-lapu street, located in the "old" part of cebu city. it's a short stretch with a dead end, and they sell all kinds of beads! beads made of wood, plastic, seashells, coco shells, mother-of-pearl, stone, even teeth (animal, not human). most of them are just strung on nylon strings, and you're supposed to take them apart and make your own necklace. or wear them as is. and the best part? they are DIRT CHEAP! how cheap, you ask? well, the cheapest thing we found was a string of tiny wood beads for THREE BUCKS. as in three frickin' pesos. and with all these choices, we are ashamed to admit, we were overwhelmed and bought NOTHING. not even the three-peso beads :-( we want to go back to cebu, wah!!!


details_later said...

You ended up buying nothing? Sayang naman! It looks like they're pretty much the raw beads. Sometimes there are finished "designs," which easily impress anyone, even though you bought them for, well not three bucks, but maybe fifty frickin' pesos. That's the best kind of compliment!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm Ira from Mabuhay Magazine. I'm wondering if you could give me more details about Briones Street's location? :)