Saturday, May 26, 2007

we brake for birks

there's a new shoe in town. well, not that new, as this brand is actually over 200 years old. and not quite here yet as its first freestanding store in the philippines opens in june at trinoma, the new ayala mall in quezon city. willkommen nach manila, birkenstock. last week, the kind people of birkenstock sent us a pair of the classic "madrid" fitness sandals. not in the fun, summery colors like above (shucks), but in a classic (read: safe, boring) navy blue. (but thank you, nonetheless. who doesn't love pressies??) but the silver ones look really cool, very now, very spring/summer oh-seven. birkenstock is a german family-run brand that's been making these, er, not-exactly-the-height-of-fashion sandals since 1774. if the 70s had dr. scholl's, and the noughties have havaianas and crocs, the 90s had birks. we remember back in the early-to-mid 90s, at the height of grunge, grungey types wore their birks with socks till that trend hit the mainstream and that was that. in other words, fashion hell. birkenstocks became a bad word. they fell off the fashion radar till the brand tapped the likes of heidi klum to design a sparkly collection for them, then the market was flooded with knock-offs. fashion hell once again. we say, best to stick with a classic style, and the "madrid" is actually kinda cool to wear on a summer afternoon when you have to go to the mall and get a pedicure and go speed-shopping for a dress because you have a wedding to attend tomorrow and have nothing to wear—which is what we did yesterday. we put our birks to the test and wondered if we would last six hours of malling with all those strange bumps on the footbed. (and no wonder crunchy types like birks—the footbed is made from cork oak bark, which grows back after removal. plus they use solvent-free glue. how green!) apparently, gripping those bumps with your toes is good calf exercise, so yey, this counts as a workout! we survived with no aches or pains or bruises. except for one tiny one where the strap constantly rubbed against our foot—but only on the left foot.


Lorraine said...

Try going up a notch on the left foot- the same strap-rubbing thing happened to me until I loohsened that side.

the fash pack said...

thanks for the tip, lorraine. we actually thought of doing that after. we must have a protruding bone or something.

shdw said...

LOL I've been a fan of them Madrid sandals since 2001. My first pair was white then I have pink. The price was P1800+ at first, then surprisingly shot up to P2300+.