Thursday, June 14, 2007

the fash packs...

...and goes to tagaytay lang naman. we just got back from an overnight stay at a chic boutique hotel there called the boutique bed and breakfast. it's a white boxy building just past the rotonda, on the way to alfonso, cavite. it opened late last year, and is owned by happy ongpauco and alana montelibano (remember the bungguan incident at nuvo a couple years ago with aiko melendez? that was them!). the boutique only has seven rooms, so this is hardly a place for kids. recommended for couples only. someone even called it a glorified victoria court—mas maganda lang nga ang view, haha! (at mas mahal! prices start at about P6,000.) in lieu of room numbers, the doors are labeled i lust, i dream, i escape, i dare, i surrender, i desire, and our room, i love. now how many pillows do you need on a bed? we're sure the chambermaid has a guide for this in every room: and check out the bathroom. perfect for exhibitionists. and if you're shy, you can hang up the brown nylon shield provided:
but it's not quite opaque enough. the second-floor rooms' shower stalls are in plain sight for guests hanging out by the veranda, especially at night when the lights are on! be careful... (sorry, no picture, censored...) breakfast in bed can be served anytime of the day; you just fill up a form and submit it. since our room was on the ground floor, and leads to the veranda, we decided to have ours out there. now how would you like to have breakfast to this view? a better look at that view: check out the rest of the place:
the facade. this is what you look for when driving down the highway.
the lobby. the hotel's casually elegant interiors were designed by chat fores.
the front balcony. nice to sit here in the late afternoon and watch the cows graze on the field across the street. la lang, when life is hard, just imagine you're the cow.
the resto. they serve hawaiian barbecue cuisine. parang hindi bagay sa design.
the veranda. lovely view of taal. just try not to look up behind you, you might see someone taking a shower.
the back of the hotel. see the big, curtain-less windows? that's the shower stall.

the boutique bed and breakfast, 45 aguinaldo highway, tagaytay city, tel +63927-363-2660, e-mail


mrshobbes said...

I love your comment: "when life is hard, imagine you're the cow"! haha! and those shower stalls are crazy! was it intentional, i wonder?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting. I've been hearing about this BBB place, but I never get the chance to stop and check it out. It's beautiful! I was told Chat Fores designed the place and I think she did a fantastic job. Looks like something we pinoys can be proud of.