Sunday, June 10, 2007

filipino couture

have you checked out the latest posts in the forums of the fashion spot? they have a topic titled "filipino couture", which has been going on since 2004, and was recently revived after philippine fashion week. most of the members who posted were filipino or part-filipino, and live in different parts of the world, and a lot of them didn't even know we had a fashion industry! but of course pinoy pride prevailed and there were pats on the back all around. of course we had to laugh when somebody asked if louis claparols was male or female, and someone replied, "he's a guy, very pogi!" hahaha! (in fairness, totoo...) hey, someone even linked the fash pack! thanks, blackrose, whoever you are! and if you're wondering what other countries must think of our version of "couture," we think this comment from farren fashion said it best: "wow. is all i have to say. when i first saw filipino and couture together... i didn't know what to think. but i've been pleasantly surprised."

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