Monday, June 04, 2007

the last brunch

it wasn't such a shock when we received colin mckay's text about sala because we knew this day was coming: "sala. room change. join us this sunday for our last bubbly brunch in malate before we move to our new home in makati. reservations 524-6770." so we made our reservation and showed up at exactly 11am. of course we were the first ones there. we have never been to sala during the day. this is why: pang gabi talaga ang sala. ladies and gents, take a last look at where you made some of your fondest memories... this is where we spent last valentine's day (yes, we had a date). this is where we had dinner with boy george (yes, the same guy who sang "karma chameleon"). this is where we had some of our best meals. and this is where you can still smoke at your table after that meal! today's menu: sounds expensive, but consider this: at P1,088, you can have all the bubbly you want! (NOT champagne because they served aussie bubbles.) and also consider this: that price includes VAT, which a lot of restaurants fail to do that by the time you get your bill, you want to yell, "sino'ng nag-order ng ambience??" this way, there is no "phantom diner." and this way, sila ang lugi, haha! we ordered the 3 egg omelette: very mushroomy, laced with white truffle oil, parmesan and hollandaise on top of hot toast: we also ordered the poached egg: till just set and topped with prosciutto and hollandaise and finished under the grill in the style of benedict! (exclamation point theirs) but we dug in before we could take a picture, so we borrowed somebody's dish from the next table for a picture, hehe... this is the sandwich (not an egg in sight!): garlicky portabella mushrooms, goat's cheese, rocket and mustard on buttery toasted ciabatta: and of course, your choice of dessert. we had the rhubarb and strawberry crumble: and the hot buttery croissant, vanilla seed ice cream and chocolate sauce: and guess where sala is moving to: to the space formerly occupied by lumiere (recently closed, or didn't you notice?) at the locsin building on makati avenue (across makati shangri-la). it'll open by july, and a sala bistro will open next to colin's other resto, people's palace in greenbelt 3, in august. but meanwhile, sala malate will be open till this friday! you have four days left for your last meal with a smoke! sala, 610 J. nakpil st., malate, manila, call 524-6770 for reservations.


Anonymous said...

lumiere is closed?!?!?!? WHAT?????
they have the best weekend brunch :(


details_later said...

"Phantom Diner"

Giant, honking, ginormous WINK!

They're so pesky, those PD's…