Friday, June 15, 2007

lovin' lavera lifestyle

full disclosure: we timed our overnight stay at the boutique to coincide with the launch of lavera, a skin-care line made in germany that's 100% organic. a lot of people think that organic means vegetarian. not so. we've eaten organic chicken, which tastes no different from regular chicken, but you take comfort in the fact that the chicken was a happy chicken before it was slaughtered. so on the outside, these beauty products look, smell, and feel like any other product you buy and use, but the difference is in the ingredients. man, with so many products out there, it's no wonder we're confused! anyhoo, lavera hosted a lunch at antonio's, the charming house and garden converted into one of the most exclusive restos in tagaytay (as in, don't bother coming if you don't have a reservation). so here's what we learned from petra, the german lady from lavera who taught us all about the organic lifestyle... • lavera means "the truth" in latin, so when they say they're organic, it means that the products are made of the purest plant oils, herbs, and flower extracts. no synthetic preservatives, emulsifiers, detergents, and petroleum products.
• lavera products are not just organic, but vegan too—they are 100% animal- and cruelty-free.
• they use no artificial fragrances or colors.
• their sun-care line contains no oxybenzone and cetyl cinnamates, which are found in most other sunblocks. these ingredients accumulate in body fats and breast milk, and mimic the effects of estrogen, causing undesirable hormonal changes. so using regular sunblock can do more harm than good. yikes!
• lavera is available exclusively at marionnaud, mall of asia.


Teddy said...

hi there,

i'd like to know what your impressions are about antonio's- what was served, was the food good (all my past experiences in the place were more than good, and i'd like to make a visit soon to check out if there's anything new in the menu)- was that your first time to go to the place? i think hosting such an event in a place like antonio's is a real classy thing to do. speaks very well about the product. were there a lot of people?

good work on your blog, fash pack. well written, well informed reports, and while i don't really particularly care about fashion, its a good glimpse on that part of the world - more power to you!

the fash pack said...

thank you, teddy! we've been to antonio's many times before and we're happy to report that the food is still excellent. the main course for the lavera lunch was a choice between sea bass, rack of lamb, and beef tenderloin. we had the sea bass, which was good; i asked the guests about the other dishes and their happy faces said it all :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you clarified the meaning of 'organic' as it is not about happy chickens. It's high time that people learn more about it, the lifestyle involved and health benefits... instead of pursuing it like a shoe trend. Substance is vital, not just in what you consume but also why you consume.

Beatrice Margarita V. Lapa said...

Lavera excites me. The only thing I'm disappointed about when I went to Marionnaud is that the products that I really really want are not available there. Like the Neutral SPF40 sunscreen and their organic make-up line. I tried ordering online but they don't ship to the Philippines.