Sunday, June 24, 2007

mad about magazines

we've always been obsessed with fashion magazines. back in the day, there were no local glossy fashion magazines. the only magazine was panorama, a black-and-white newsprint magazine that came free with the manila bulletin every sunday (still does). (gosh, we feel like a lola reminiscing about the japanese time.) as a teenager, seventeen was our bible. we devoured everything about it and did everything it told us to do. if the girls wore striped knee socks with dr. scholl's, we wore it. if they said string beans were good for your hair, we'd eat it. and we had our favorite teen models: first it was jayne modean, then the fitzpatrick twins, then of course, phoebe cates (anyone remember these gals??). even whitney houston started out modeling in seventeen before becoming a druggie diva. then in college, we graduated to mademoiselle. we collected like four or five years' worth of that title, but had to sell them all because they were becoming a fire hazard! then of course, it shut down and, well, there goes our collector's editions, which could probably fetch hundreds of dollars today... finally when we went to fashion school in the 80s (ay, thunders!), we graduated to actually buying our own vogues (before that, we just borrowed mum's copies). and THAT we kept. of course most of them are kept in a bodega in our parents' house, and they keep threatening to sell them if we don't get them outta there because they need the storage space. well, WE don't have the space either! maybe we should do what this guy did and turn it into a business (warning: 10-minute pop-up video):
Mad Magazines

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details_later said...

LOVE this topic, thefashpack!

Because I can relate 100%, fire hazard, parental threats and all! Noticed which models would get repeated in the mags too.

My "thunders" moment: collecting tear outs of the People and Newsmakers sections in Time and Newsweek when there was a personality that intrigued me. Hello Rupert Everett making his Cannes debut in 1982! (Can I claim I was a prodigy then?)

Fashion and entertainment mags came later. Hey, collectors' edition na pala ang old Premiere mags ko…