Wednesday, June 27, 2007

no title

it's quite obvious the fash pack hasn't been blogging lately. duh. call it laziness. or lacking an opinion on anything. or too busy writing OTHER stuff (like hella work). or surfing the net for post-jail paris videos and pix to prove that she really has BROWN eyes (vanity contacts are not allowed in the clink). or sometimes we just prefer to read other people's blogs. to lurk, just click above where it says "next blog." you never know what you'll find...

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details_later said...

I know… how about giving us your take on the Top 3 on… (kidding!)

Really, Paris has brown eyes? She's even more non-special than we thought she was?

How about the seriously koo koo Isiah Washington? I can't believe he's THAT delusional.

See you at the blogs!