Tuesday, July 31, 2007

the fash packed...

... and went to malaysia. why is it that every time we visit our asian neighbors, we always end up feeling sad and depressed about the sorry state of our own country :-( malaysia has become quite the developing nation, pouring billions of ringgit into beautifying, expanding, progressing, nurturing, and yes, developing their country. and it's a long-term plan: by 2020, their goal is to be distinguished as a developed nation. we realized what it is: a lot of asian countries have a case of keeping up with the joneses. malaysia envies the way its next-door neighbor singapore has progressed and how it gets all the tourists and praise and world-wide media attention. and such a tiny country at that! so in malaysia, you get the sense that it wants to "become" singapore or at least become at par with it. we sensed the same thing in shanghai back in the early 90s—it wanted to become hong kong, and look at it now. meanwhile, we filipinos are so mayabang. we think, oh yah, those countries are so like this and like that, well, we're different, even if we don't have those paved highways, orderly traffic system, honest cops, clean streets, efficient service etc etc etc, at least we have the beaches, the malls, the beaches, the malls blah blah blah!!! let's start with the first thing one sees when one arrives in a foreign land: the airport. we took cebu pacific's red-eye flight (dep mnl 2100h, arr kul 130h!), so we landed at LCCT, kuala lumpur's low-cost carrier terminal. in other words, it's a bare-bones airport. that means no tube connecting plane to building, you have to walk down from the plane and drag your handcarry across the tarmac (parang domestic). but this small, "cheaply" made, warehouse-style airport is a million times better than our so-called international airport. more like nightmare-port! haay, but we've heard it all before, and we all have our own stories to tell. more tomorrow!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

the fash packs...

well, we're actually packing right now as we speak (write? blog? post?). we're off to somewhere outside the country and won't be online for the next four days. see you back here on tuesday! with pix!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

knit wit

does anybody remember due? (italian for two and pronounced doo-weh.) it was a house brand of rustan's that used to be designed by rhett eala. but as is the policy in rustan's, rhett's name did not appear in the label, and it stayed that way for 10 years. but people, especially female fans of due, knew it was designed by rhett. back in the 90s there was some important international fashion player (who was it now? we can't remember... elsa klensch? suzy menkes? or maybe it was just some obscure fashion editor...) who made the rounds of the malls then, and it was due that impressed her. she said, and we paraphrase, "it seems like it's only due that knows what it's doing..." ay, taroosh! anyhoo, to make a long story short, rhett resigned from rustan's, put up his own made-to-order business, put up his own ready-to-wear boutique wink (partnered with cindy yang) in glorietta 3 and power plant mall, closed wink, continued with made-to-order, did well making clothes for a lot of artistas (sharon, kris, dawn, gretchen—no last names needed) and society swans and swannettes, did the occasional group fashion show—in other words, stayed above the radar. which was good because he was hired by knit label collezione (which has been around for 34 years!) to design a more fashion-forward collection called C2 ('di ba iced tea 'yon?). rhett had been working on this for like the last six months, and finally today they had a media launch at crowne plaza. we liked the styling, the striped pieces, the long black slinky dresses, the slim silhouette of the knee-length shorts for both men and women, and the stamped "logos" on the polo knit shirts (we spotted a skull, the map of the philippines, trompe l'oeil chain necklace, and of course, the collezione key). check 'em out!
collezione located at festival supermall, market! market!, robinsons galleria, ayala center cebu, select SM malls, and trinoma.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

makeup maven

one of the reasons designer rajo laurel is so successful is because he has a secret weapon: a very tight-knit support group, namely his family. everyone from his mom to his sisters to his sister-in-law to even his pamangkins—who model his childrenswear line rajito—work in the business. kaya mayaman na si rajo, 'no? he has his own building and is on his way to acquiring a new one. but there's a new laurel who's well on her way to making a name for herself: gela laurel. rajo's sister has always been obsessed with cosmetics and everything related to beauty. after studying makeup in the states, last year she became the chief makeup artist for lancôme in the philippines. and this year, she achieves another dream: her own makeup studio. of course it's called house of laurel makeup studio. there was a formal opening last week, along with an exhibit of photos featuring her handiwork on some of manila's prettiest faces, as photographed by toto labrador. the photos will be on exhibit at DPI studios. check 'em out!
gela at the minimalist-designed studio, located at the back rooms of house of laurel. services include makeup, shampoo-blowdry, simple cuts, mani-pedi

toto beside one of his "gals"

more of gela and toto's gals:
house of laurel makeup studio, 6013 villena corner mañalac streets, barangay poblacion, makati city, tel 895-5688, 897-5063

Monday, July 23, 2007

those must have been giant oysters

when we saw this from louis vuitton's fall/winter 2006-07 collection, we thought these were the biggest pearls we had ever seen: but today, we saw even bigger pearls in the new-collection windows of mango at power plant mall: but those are nothing compared to the biggest and longest pearl necklace we had ever seen at chanel in hong kong last year: it is so long and huge and heavy that it has to be hooked from the ceiling by a majorly heavy-duty hook:

Sunday, July 22, 2007

we want!

it certainly didn't take louis vuitton long to come up with a case for the iphone. just released last week, and only available in the manhattan flagship store, there are four choices: monogram canvas, red epi, black taïga, and a gorgeous red alligator. now for the damage: would you like to spend half of what you paid for the iphone ($225 for the monogram)? or would you like to spend more than twice ($1,120 for the alligator)?

Friday, July 20, 2007

metrowear: the new generation

we were surprised when we got the e-mail and text invite for the samsung metrowear fashion show, featuring what they call "the next generation" (kasi hindi na pwedeng sabihing "young generation" for some of them, haha!). we weren't expecting anyone to be showing at this time of the year because, well, who thinks of clothes at this time of the year? most people have just made major payments for school (for their kids or for themselves), so there's no disposable income left. now is the time to save up in time for the holidays—THAT's when people start spending again. but it was a packed crowd at the rockwell tent last night and the anticipation was palpable. this time, instead of going through each designer's collection, we're going to pick-and-mix it up.

ivarluski aseron
LZ punzalan
patty eustaquio

but after seeing flip after flap after fold walk down the runway, they were all beginning to look alike... so it was quite refreshing to see a new name flashed onscreen: antonio garcia. no, not the mabolo florist, but this guy who used to be a model back in the 80s, left the country, became a fashion designer, and apparently sold his clothes in big-name stores like barneys new york and saks fifth avenue. no wonder the señoras were all there in full attendance and support—apples, annette, gem, marina, bea, even anna bayle! his collection was unabashedly feminine, full of bows, ruffles, embroidery in a brown and hot-pink palette. talk about showstopper!

DESIGNER TO WATCH: ANTONIO GARCIA here's a back shot of that dress:
TREND FOR EVENINGWEAR: GRAY GOWNS (in all shades, from silver to charcoal)
ivarluski aseron
patty eustaquio
joey samson

joey samson
ivarluski aseron

MOST APPLAUDED COLLECTION: CARY SANTIAGO (you can't see it in our bad photos, but the detailing in his gowns is exquisite)
slim: joey samson
poufy: james reyes

Thursday, July 19, 2007

croc crazy

if havaianas are to summer, then crocs should be to rainy season. there was a time when we would hear about these crocs things, and how people would rave about them, but we were skeptical because dude let's face it they were not just ugly but fugly. they didn't go with anything but five-year-old feet. and only in hot pink. but when we were gifted with a pair of burgundy mary janes—dude! we almost gave up our four-inch heels! they are so damn comfortable, it almost feels like walking barefoot on a shag rug. but it was a dilemma: sacrifice beauty for comfort? or sacrifice comfort for beauty? ok, so we can't live without our high heels because they elongate the short legs we were born with, but sometimes, short legs be damned, we just want to be able to walk long distances without cramping! thankfully, crocs have been upping the style ante by coming up with, less, er, clunky styles. last season they released the "prima" ballet flats (always sold out, kainez!), and today, they introduced still newer styles at a launch at fiamma. the program was hosted by sam oh (again?? but we didn't mind, we like her hosting style) wearing the latest wedge style. here's that wedge in another shade: and looky! super-cute boots! for little girls! in hot pink! (do they make that in our size??) and don't forget the little boys... valerie and her amazing legs (and with legs like that, it doesn't matter WHAT shoes you wear! or clothes, come to think of it)... a close-up of those new crocs: and now, meet the guys responsible for bringing crocs to the philippines, toot and franco limjoco: crocs is located at bonifacio high street, mall of asia, trinoma, and greenhills promenade.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

full of books

we're pretty sure you all know about the new fully booked superbookstore at bonifacio high street, which has four floors of books and stuff (the stuff being notebooks, pens, other school and office supplies, as well as CDs and DVDs). last night was their formal opening, and by the time we got there, the party was in full swing. after signing up at reception, we got a giant red tote bag and a fab coffee-table book, lonely planet's "the cities book" (woo-hoo, swag!). there was the evening's program host sam oh on the ground floor who looked like she was having a conversation with carlos celdran via video con. he was giving guests a "walking tour" upstairs... and there was the guy responsible for bringing all these books in, jaime daez (rumor has it he has over 200-million pesos worth of inventory—is that why he looks so happy, kasi mayaman na sha at yumayaman pa?)... here's your guide to find what you want (take note of starbucks logo ;-): we recommend this section when you want to hide from the world and don't want to be found for a couple hours... our favorite section, where we found the likes of designer rajo laurel, preview editor in chief pauline juan, and of course, ahem, the fash pack... and here's the best kind of customer service (although it was only for last night. too bad...):