Monday, July 16, 2007

adidas f/w collection

today there was a lunch at the peninsula manila's rigodon ballroom to present adidas's fall/winter collection. such a posh venue for a sporty, "street" brand. well actually adidas HAS gone posh with its collaborations with yohji yamamoto and stella mccartney, not to mention the greatest athlete of all time, muhammad ali. and on the local front, the brand tapped some celebrities and "personalities" to endorse the brand. some of the looks we managed to snap because they posed right in front of us:
we hate it when guys dress like this. it is so not sexy
these guys are supposed to be famous bastkeball players. duh
look at the way model isabel roces (2nd from left) is posing—pang couture pa rin
cool dudes
hot chicks
pang workout
pang winter (wow, that's adidas??)
international colors

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