Thursday, July 19, 2007

croc crazy

if havaianas are to summer, then crocs should be to rainy season. there was a time when we would hear about these crocs things, and how people would rave about them, but we were skeptical because dude let's face it they were not just ugly but fugly. they didn't go with anything but five-year-old feet. and only in hot pink. but when we were gifted with a pair of burgundy mary janes—dude! we almost gave up our four-inch heels! they are so damn comfortable, it almost feels like walking barefoot on a shag rug. but it was a dilemma: sacrifice beauty for comfort? or sacrifice comfort for beauty? ok, so we can't live without our high heels because they elongate the short legs we were born with, but sometimes, short legs be damned, we just want to be able to walk long distances without cramping! thankfully, crocs have been upping the style ante by coming up with, less, er, clunky styles. last season they released the "prima" ballet flats (always sold out, kainez!), and today, they introduced still newer styles at a launch at fiamma. the program was hosted by sam oh (again?? but we didn't mind, we like her hosting style) wearing the latest wedge style. here's that wedge in another shade: and looky! super-cute boots! for little girls! in hot pink! (do they make that in our size??) and don't forget the little boys... valerie and her amazing legs (and with legs like that, it doesn't matter WHAT shoes you wear! or clothes, come to think of it)... a close-up of those new crocs: and now, meet the guys responsible for bringing crocs to the philippines, toot and franco limjoco: crocs is located at bonifacio high street, mall of asia, trinoma, and greenhills promenade.


details_later said...

Oh, how much I could rant about rubber slippers worn at inappropriate settings. Just because they're pricey. (Church? Really?)

But given the improper use of rubber flip-flops and the "ugliness" of the crocs, I'm on board with the Crocs. They are indeed the mother of all comfortable footwear, and they're losing their duckling status with each new design. On with the Swan Crocs! (Ewww… kinda sounds like evil animal breeding!)

Plueys said...

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