Sunday, July 08, 2007

how to get your iphone to work

first the bad news: you can't use it as a phone anywhere in the world, except in the US. (for now, that is. the hackint0sh-ers are on the verge.) now the good news: you can use it as everything else—computer, ipod, camera, etc. but it'll cost ya. just follow these 12 steps:
1. buy an iphone in the US. or ask a generous fil-am (or just am) friend or relative to bring it back as pasalubong.
2. turn it on.
3. it will tell you that to activate the phone you have to connect it to itunes (on a mac or PC).
4. follow instructions on itunes.
5. when you get to steps that don’t apply, just skip it and press continue.
6. when you get to steps that you have to fill in (for example, your choice of AT&T account), just make it up.
7. when you get to billing information, you can ask that generous fil-am friend or relative if you can use their address. type in a bogus social security number.
8. that bogus SSS number will cause you to fail the credit-check process. that’s when they offer you a prepaid account, which needs to be purchased and activated online (again you need the fil-am’s card and billing address for this. with their approval, of course!).
9. the plan cost $29.99. plus you have to sign up for a medianet unlimited package for $19.99 and some hidden iphone activation fee which, with taxes, totaled $54.17. when that’s done, you get an e-mail notification that the account is being processed, then another that says it was successful. you’re given a phone number and a temporary pin code. you’re then instructed to reconnect the iphone to itunes to activate it. and voila! the phone it works.
10. this is an important step if you don’t want to get automatically charged every month (lest your fil-am friend won’t friend you anymore): cancel the account. call AT&T customer care (1-866-499-7888) and tell them you want to stop any future recurring charges ($29.99 a month!). go through the whole authentication Q&A, which ends with them confirming that the monthly recurring charges have been removed.
11. since you now have a prepaid account, the only way to cancel it, which you don't really have to do, is to not reload it next month. you will be given about a month to reload the account if you wish to continue it. if not, the phone number will automatically be reassigned to another subscriber. in other words, you have a prepaid credit of $29.99, which will go to waste because you can’t use it here.
12. but you can now use the iphone’s other features! it’s a computer (e-mail, web surfing, youtube, google earth), camera, ipod (listen to music, watch movies), PDA (address book, calendar). plus you have bragging rights!

PS: you can actually use it as a mobile phone in the philippines if you activate international roaming. but everyone knows that the US has one of the most expensive roaming charges in the world!
PPS: there's actually a "hack" way to activate the iphone, but it's way too complicated and requires a certified geek!


Anonymous said...

>>but you can now use the iphone’s other features! it’s a computer (e-mail, web surfing, youtube, google earth),

Without a valid network provider, how do you intend to go online?

details_later said...

Buuuuuutttt, what does it feel like to TAAACCH the iPhone?

Anonymous said...

Having an iPhone without actually being able to call anyone defeats the main purpose, non? It seems kinda silly to pay $500 (or whatever the price is) simply for bragging rights.

Angel said...

oh wow. i'm jealous. hahaha

but ill just wait til january. :(

hey girl, want a link exchange? i loooove your sale alerts post

Anonymous said...

i agree. i think its pointless to spend that much this early. id rather wait for the asian edition, maybe they'd have resolved the network provider thing by then and i'd get to really use ALL its features (you know, making calls and SMS)

the fash pack said...

yes, anon and anon, it may seem silly to you to pay $500 for a phone you can't use, but as many online reviews attest, the phone function is one of its weakest. besides, we didn't pay for it; it was a pasalubong. lucky us, non?

Mrs. Jackie T. (thebaghag wannabe) said...

hey girl, lucky you! Hopefully i get to bump into you with DH. He's been dying to check out the phone!

Anonymous said...

we also "touched" the iphone in nyc. the apple stores were sooo packed with people. sooo tempted to get one just so we could use the functions. bec the other functions were so great. but like everyone, we will wait for the asian edition :)

Anonymous said...

that was me, by the way


Anonymous said...

nope, nope, nope -- ya can't make the phone work anywhere outside the USA. why? becoz it's not a tri-band phone. enough said. no SIM card slot. no SIM card = will not work outside USA. bottom line: no certified geek can ever make this work outside of the USA.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your step-by-step info!