Tuesday, July 17, 2007

in the clear

there's a new shampoo in town and it's called clear. a new dandruff shampoo, that is. the campaign says that fashionistas have lifted the moratorium on black because with clear shampoo, you can be confident that there won't be any telltale "snowflakes" on your shoulders a la charlie balakubak. remember him?? to stress this point, the media launch at the renaissance hotel had a 30-minute fashion show (parang gala ha!) featuring all-black clothes. everything was presented inside a bubble; maybe it was the minotti bubble, but we're not sure. so medyo masikip. sure, we were on the front row but we were squeezed next to the rabid photographers and our knees were pressed up against those hot lights (talk about hot flashes!). folded & hung showed special made-to-order dresses, which are not available in stores, but you can order them at designated branches. loved the styling with gray leggings and yellow knee-highs. very now, very cute, very fun. we want! viktor's funky take on the boring jeans-and-T-shirt combo... beach bunnies will like kate torralba's unlined crochet dresses—they're the perfect bikini coverup for those pool-side parties... finally, puey quiƱones's convertible pieces, which could be un-buttoned, reversed, and worn every which way. may require instructions...

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