Friday, July 06, 2007

look what we have

proof that we have a genuine apple iphone in the philippines: and yes this is ours!!! photographed tonight at 9:30pm at power plant mall, rockwell center, makati city, philippines. shot with a sony ericsson k800i. thanks to our hand model. tomorrow: how to use your iphone in the philippines (yes, there is a legit way!).


Anonymous said...

AWESOME. how much was it? i thought it was only for at&t customers?

Ms MS said...

wow!! really? we can use the Iphone here in Manila?? how?? pls tell us....thanks!!!

Ruby Gan said...

Wow! Galing!

Anonymous said...

great! I am the developer of and I am a proud pinoy too. I hope you can join my forums and let's build the first community of pinoy Iphone users. Just send a PM to me(piksar) in the forums..