Friday, August 31, 2007

midnight madnesssssssss!!!

it's the worst possible combination: it's friday, it's payday, it's raining, and it's midnight madnessssssss!!! which can only mean one thing: TRAFFIC. so anyway, we went to zara to check out the tira-tira of the spring/summer sale. we wanted to try something on but our sundo arrived and after he'd being stuck in traffic for an hour you gotta make like a sheep and get the flock outta there. make like the wind and run. (tama ba 'yon? run like the wind, right?) anyway, we also dropped by mango to see if that raincoat from the s/s collection was still there, but no such luck. all the sale items were gone. so we had to ask: where do they go? apparently, they're dumped in a mango outlet in robinsons pampanga. we also heard that they have an outlet in clark. hmmmm, must schedule out-of-town trip soon...

Thursday, August 30, 2007

tue-wed-thu shopping report

no wonder we're in a rut. we just realized that we hadn't been to a mall in weeks! we were experiencing withdrawals and didn't even know it. attending events in a mall don't count because you're in and out like flint (or is it flynn?). we're talking about slow window shopping, entering shops, browsing through racks and shelves, examining (and trying on) merchandise, and hopefully scoring. this week, we didn't score, but look at what we discovered:

1. michael kors at power plant mall. we've seen this boarded-up shop near the fountain area for a couple months now. as you can see it's owned by store specialists, inc., which also distributes prada, gucci, salvatore ferragamo, other luxury labels, and of course their cash cow zara here in the philippines. we heard that this is actually the bridge line michael michael kors, but we can't be sure. we'll, er, ask anton huang one of these days.

2. marc jacobs at greenbelt 4. and right across louis vuitton! now is this cashing in on the LV-MJ connection? or is this like a young punk thumbing his nose at old granny? questions, questions, and more questions: is this the first line or the bridge line? (although if you turn to page 72 of the 840-page september 2007 issue of US vogue, you'll see manila among the list of cities in the marc jacobs ad.) will they be selling ready-to-wear or just accessories? will marc jacobs come for the opening?? we'll, er, ask anton huang one of these days.

3. and while we're on the topic of store specialists, if you think that's pretty aggressive, they're also bringing in the mother lode of retail: gap. apparently they already have a space in trinoma. in quezon city?? you mean, we'll have to drive all the way there just to get our basic black trousers and classic white shirts?? but! we also heard that they're putting up their own building on one of the corners of bonifacio high street (think fully booked). we'll, er, ask anton huang one of these days.

4. more store openings! ben chan has been pretty aggressive himself bringing in imported shoe labels, first with charles & keith, then pedro (both are singapore brands), and now he's bringing in affordable italian-made canadian label aldo. mall rats have reported aldo sightings at several malls, like power plant, bonifacio high street, and trinoma, but we're not sure. we'll, er, ask ben chan one of these days.

5. but what's this? stores closing too? atelier M, which is owned by ricco and tina ocampo, in greenbelt 3 was dark, empty, and papered up. and there was no sign outside to indicate if they were renovating or doing inventory or if a new store was taking over. a lady with her little son in tow stopped by, disappointed, saying, "ay, that's the store i wanted to go to, it's closed na..." why kaya? we'll, er, ask ricco and tina one of these days.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

it's a facebook world

yesterday, someone asked us if we were on facebook. we said no and asked why. "kasi hindi ka na nag-ba-blog. baka nag-fe-facebook ka na lang." then later someone else mentioned that she's practically abandoned her blog because she'd rather be on facebook. then much later several people told me they were addicted to facebook and said, "you should join!" ano ba yang facebook na yan?? we've received e-mails from friends and acquaintances and even a few strangers saying that they've added us as their "friend" on facebook. but we've never signed up. should we?? but tonight was the height of it. we went to the birthday party of jenni epperson and people were taking pictures of themselves and of each other, then declaring, "pang facebook!" hmmm, maybe we should give facebook a try... we already have lots of pictures to post... just check out tonight's revelers, some who came with the night's requested "attire" (crazy eyewear) and some who just came...
the birthday gal

Sunday, August 26, 2007

the fash cam: hermès birkin

sometimes we like the rain, sometimes we don't. and since we recently got a new (actually old, as in second-hand, literally) designer bag from tresor, we're not liking the rain so much. all that wetness and moisture can't be good for an expensive leather handbag! we've resorted to taking our jacket off and draping it over the bag—never mind if WE get wet, 'wag lang yung bag! those hermès bags actually come with its own raincoat, and we've wondered if people actually use it. well, with the way the rains have been pouring the past three weeks, they should! last week, we spotted a lady carrying her orange kelly by its shoulder strap with what we thought was a plastic shopping bag draped over the bag. it was in fact the frosted raincoat that comes with the kelly when you buy it. too bad we didn't act fast enough and snapped a pic! but we were fast enough to snap some pix of other hermès-lovin' ladies. please join us as we droooooool...
cindy and her cyclamen
gretchen and her vert anis
doyee and her rouge ostrich
celine and her vert anis
PS: mrs. T, we need you to provide the full descriptions of these luscious luxury handbags!

Saturday, August 25, 2007


hello. how are you? how are we? meh. we just don't feel like blogging. how are the rest of you feeling?

Monday, August 20, 2007

someone else's f/w shopping list

gosh, august is almost over, the sales are long gone, the new collections have been delivered, and the fash pack has not made the season's shopping list! no excuses, we just procrastinated. (procrastination is our middle name. just call us the procrastinating fash pack.) for the top 15 (!) fall/winter trends, just go to net-a-porter, they have a complete list. click here.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

after the bazaar...

yesterday afternoon, the fash pack drove all the way to trinoma to attend the launch of john lloyd cruz as the new bench endorser...
and bea alonzo as the new face of kashieca... both brands are owned by our idol ben chan. the fash pack has the utmost respect for ben chan, and we are always honored to be invited to any of his events, so we go no matter how far or how inconvenient—inconvenient because parking in trinoma is HELL! the mall isn't even completely open yet and already there isn't enough parking. queueing up is one thing but when you're turned away at every entrance because parking is "full," well, what's gonna happen when the mall is fully operational?? we wonder... luckily, ben chan had the foresight to anticipate this and reserved a whole section for bench "guests." good thing we spotted it, and argued with the sikyu that we were in fact "guests." the event was held at trinoma's activity center (this is, after all, an ayala mall). after the requisite kashieca and bench fashion shows...
which included the finalists of the be bench model search...
bea and john were introduced (with john getting more of the screams and applause): the invitation also stated that the bench 20th anniversary TV commercial was also supposed to be launched, but we didn't see it. either we missed it or it missed its deadline?

Saturday, August 18, 2007

celebrate the rain?

today we went to rockwell's urban bazaar. it was a packed rockwell tent, but we didn't see the usual stalls like irene's closet, pilar, crû, mimi, team manila... we were told that the organizers wanted new stuff that are not available in power plant. otherwise, people will just shop in the mall. there were lots of new "tenants," but the busiest stall was one that was kinda dark and messy, as in the merchandise was all over the floor. but people were crowding and we just had to take a peek. this is what we saw: plueys! pluey means "rain" in french, but now is synonymous to rubber rain boots. and the timing couldn't have been more perfect. (actually, LAST weekend would've been more perfect as the non-stop rains began well over a week ago.) for P1,900 you get a pair of plueys, a clear plastic tote bag to match the boots, another frosted plastic tote bag, plus a pair of socks. (kids' boots are priced at P950, so lucky you if you have tiny feet.) and they have several prints to choose from—cute! ok, ladies, time to get yourself a pair of rubber boots because there is no reason to arrive in the office or at school with wet feet! especially if you have to commute! just pack your pumps into your tote to change into when you get to work :-) you can still pick a pair of plueys till tomorrow or e-mail or call the hotline 0927-817-5843.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

let's eat: pink kitchen

it's for a good cause! it's for the i can serve foundation, which empowers women with information on breast cancer, subsidizes women for cancer treatments, and will pioneer the first nationwide early breast-cancer-detection program. UPDATE: we just came back from the pink kitchen event! look at the pretty way they decorated the rockwell tent! unfortunately, we got there at around 5:30pm when they were already wrapping up the "merienda" hour, and the booths were setting up for dinner. so there was hardly any food left. :-( but we managed to get a delicious lamb panini from the saltine booth, and stuck around for free wine during the wine-appreciation seminar. :-)

Friday, August 10, 2007

we like art too

a couple nights ago we dropped by the rockwell tent to attend the ateneo art awards. we signed up at the reception table, grabbed a glass of wine, beso-besoed the room, and checked out the works on display... and only one really caught our eye. not that we consider ourselves art "cono-sewers", but it was the only one that *really* appealed to our so-called aesthetic: the work of MM yu. not for any special reason other than that we liked it and wouldn't mind having a couple of them (are you supposed to buy and display the entire thing as is?). because it reminded us of our own blank books filled with stuff: collages, clippings, cutouts + doodles, scribbles, pix, and junk no one else will appreciate or understand. here was "art" after our own heart. and whaddayaknow, it won. congratulations! maybe we should exhibit some of our own blank books, which we've filled with stuff. (as if!!!)

Thursday, August 09, 2007

kiehl's is here!

actually kiehl's is coming. l'oréal, the mother company of kiehl's, has been announcing the arrival of the 156-year-old apothecary-style american brand in the philippines for the last, oh, two years? we are not privy to whatever problems plagued them that prevented them from opening here. all we know is that they finally found a spot for a free-standing store in greenbelt 5, which is opening in october. this feels like déjà vu, like we've said this all before, we must sound like a broken record. anyway, a soon-to-open store with soon-to-launch products is a good excuse as any to throw a party. so throw a party they did last night at the greenbelt 3 lobby. the theme was american so attire requested was red, white, and blue. and since bumabagyo sa labas, we thought it would be so chic-a to wear our red coat over a white top. and wouldn't you know it—half the guests had the same idea!!! para kaming banda. just compliment the gal next to you on her impeccable style and scarf down hotdogs on a stick and wash it all down with a jack. which is what we did. (what'll you do? leave??) here are the rest of the red (and white and blue)-clad guests, and a few who didn't follow the dress code: