Thursday, August 02, 2007

bea's bag

we interrupt our travel story to bring you this breaking news. well, not really, we just wanted to share habang fresh. we just picked up a copy of the latest newsweek dated july 30, 2007 (well, maybe it was last week's issue) (cover is about second life). the cover of the good life section on page 55 features a quirky creation by bea valdes: the story, titled "handbag heaven" and written by sonia kolesnikov-jessop, says:

For handbag lovers—i.e., women—luxurious leathers are no longer enough. This season's "must have" purses incorporate unusual materials like beads, crystals, feathers, ribbons and even metal to create a bold, textured look. Filipino designer Bea Valdes's stunning bejeweled evening bags nest nicely around the wrist thanks to satin handles. The handmade bags are head-turning pieces that say, "I'm elegant, I'm original and I don't need to carry a wallet." The Lolita is shaped like a small turnip and accommodates rows of vibrant red feathers perfectly matched with red and gray beads and a gray satin handle. The Maharlika contrasts black feathers with opaque aquamarine drops, smoky quartz briolettes and turquoise beads for a bag with a slightly Turkish feel (from $2,000;

the cutline to the photo says, "with bea valdes's lolita bag, no one will notice the outfit." which means it's ok if you're feeling fat, ugly, or dowdy. read the rest of the story here.


Anonymous said...

Bea Valdes' creations are truly works of art, i love them! It's quite obvious where Aranaz gets its "inspiration".

Anonymous said...

I agree. The bags deserve the attention they're getting abroad. Unlike those of Tina Ocampo's which look like small coffins and are used by Drew Barrymore et al only because they are paid to use them.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous: With no doubt, Bea Valdes' bags are gorgeous works of art. However, its unfair to insinuate that Aranaz simply copies Bea. I have been a loyal client of Aranaz and I have seen their styles evolve. I know that Bea even approached them for help and guidance when she was just starting her business. Aranaz has been creating handmade pieces for a very long time. It just so happens that Bea's bags have garnered international press making hers more popular.