Sunday, August 26, 2007

the fash cam: hermès birkin

sometimes we like the rain, sometimes we don't. and since we recently got a new (actually old, as in second-hand, literally) designer bag from tresor, we're not liking the rain so much. all that wetness and moisture can't be good for an expensive leather handbag! we've resorted to taking our jacket off and draping it over the bag—never mind if WE get wet, 'wag lang yung bag! those hermès bags actually come with its own raincoat, and we've wondered if people actually use it. well, with the way the rains have been pouring the past three weeks, they should! last week, we spotted a lady carrying her orange kelly by its shoulder strap with what we thought was a plastic shopping bag draped over the bag. it was in fact the frosted raincoat that comes with the kelly when you buy it. too bad we didn't act fast enough and snapped a pic! but we were fast enough to snap some pix of other hermès-lovin' ladies. please join us as we droooooool...
cindy and her cyclamen
gretchen and her vert anis
doyee and her rouge ostrich
celine and her vert anis
PS: mrs. T, we need you to provide the full descriptions of these luscious luxury handbags!

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