Saturday, August 04, 2007

genting highlands

on our third and final day in malaysia, we went up up up to genting highlands via cable car, weeee! the 20-minute ride took us 2,000 meters above sea level to a hotel-resort-casino-theme-park complex (with 10,000 guest rooms!) on a mountain top. so you can imagine how coooold and fooooggy it was... it was so cold and foggy, none of us dared try any of the rides lest we end up covered in ice. remember how fast those things turn around and around and go up and down... we finally decided to brave it and queued up for the flying coaster. for about 10 minutes. they turned us all away because there was something wrong with the ride so they closed it down for the day. better safe than sorry! this is what the ride looks like. with no people. they were testing it. that coulda been us inside flying like superman...

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Frances said...

Whoa! I've been here before. I wonder when I'll be able to afford to get back.

Thanks for posting your pics!