Wednesday, August 29, 2007

it's a facebook world

yesterday, someone asked us if we were on facebook. we said no and asked why. "kasi hindi ka na nag-ba-blog. baka nag-fe-facebook ka na lang." then later someone else mentioned that she's practically abandoned her blog because she'd rather be on facebook. then much later several people told me they were addicted to facebook and said, "you should join!" ano ba yang facebook na yan?? we've received e-mails from friends and acquaintances and even a few strangers saying that they've added us as their "friend" on facebook. but we've never signed up. should we?? but tonight was the height of it. we went to the birthday party of jenni epperson and people were taking pictures of themselves and of each other, then declaring, "pang facebook!" hmmm, maybe we should give facebook a try... we already have lots of pictures to post... just check out tonight's revelers, some who came with the night's requested "attire" (crazy eyewear) and some who just came...
the birthday gal

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Ruby Gan said...

yes, sige..facebook ka na din! :D