Thursday, August 09, 2007

kiehl's is here!

actually kiehl's is coming. l'oréal, the mother company of kiehl's, has been announcing the arrival of the 156-year-old apothecary-style american brand in the philippines for the last, oh, two years? we are not privy to whatever problems plagued them that prevented them from opening here. all we know is that they finally found a spot for a free-standing store in greenbelt 5, which is opening in october. this feels like déjà vu, like we've said this all before, we must sound like a broken record. anyway, a soon-to-open store with soon-to-launch products is a good excuse as any to throw a party. so throw a party they did last night at the greenbelt 3 lobby. the theme was american so attire requested was red, white, and blue. and since bumabagyo sa labas, we thought it would be so chic-a to wear our red coat over a white top. and wouldn't you know it—half the guests had the same idea!!! para kaming banda. just compliment the gal next to you on her impeccable style and scarf down hotdogs on a stick and wash it all down with a jack. which is what we did. (what'll you do? leave??) here are the rest of the red (and white and blue)-clad guests, and a few who didn't follow the dress code:


canDIshhh said...

Finally!! But where exactly? I think I've been seeing in glossies that a Keihl's store is located in Greenbelt - but I've searched everywhere - and apparently - there is none!!

the fash pack said...

as mentioned in our post, kiehl's will open in the new greenbelt 5 in october.

Angel said...

weepee! excited :D