Wednesday, August 01, 2007

kuala lumpur

we didn't get to do much shopping in malaysia. since we were part of a group (of 22 people!), we were at the mercy of the itinerary. *some* people were so brazen as to actually complain loudly about it or go off on their own, but since we were behaved, we went along with everyone else. *grrr...* so we were forced to shop at either malls (klcc, lot 10—boring...) or after visits of "factories" that have tourist traps, este, boutiques at the end of the tour (batik, pewter, chocolates, leather—which was full of blatant copies of gucci, chloé, ralph lauren, and hermès—down to the H! no wonder we weren't allowed to take pictures). and speaking of pictures, on the first day, our loaned camera died by lunch time because nobody told us it wasn't charged! this is all we have: pictures of the king's palace in kuala lumpur...
the ornate gate that keeps us common people out

the road that leads to the palace

the actual palace. you can barely see it, but when the flag is up, that means the king is in the house

the horses standing guard were in a bad mood—they kept nipping at tourists who wanted to pose beside them

after charging the camera, we were able to take some nighttime shots of the petronas twin towers, which look awesome when it's all lit up! it's an imposing structure that you can see towering over everything else anywhere you go in the city...

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